4 Common Causes of Upper Back Pain and How Chiropractic Treatment in Tucker Can Help

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Upper back pain is a pain in the… upper back. The course of the condition as well as how to treat it depends entirely on the underlying cause. With some cases, the cause of what started the upper back pain may seem obvious, such as injury from a fall, while other causes of symptoms may be a bit more elusive.

Regardless of what the cause of upper back pain is or whether it can be determined, it is helpful to know the different potential causes so you can better narrow down the best treatment options.

When a person experiences pain in the upper back, it is most likely due to injury that has caused joint dysfunction or muscular irritation. Below are some of the most common causes of upper back pain treatment in Tucker, GA.

Improper Lifting

When a person lifts a heavy object without keeping the spine in alignment, undue stress can be placed on the upper back, which can result in injury. For example, holding or lifting a heavy object – especially above the head or more to one side or the other – can cause injury to the upper back or shoulder. Another way improper lifting can cause upper back pain is if an object is too heavy for a person’s body to handle.

Poor Posture

Sitting for long periods of time or living a sedentary lifestyle combined with poor posture can cause changes in the back and neck that can be lasting. The muscles in these areas can become weak and deconditioned. As a result, they will not hold the spine in its naturally neutral alignment it once was held in.

Oftentimes, the head and shoulders are hunched forward, which places more pressure on the bones in the spine as well as the discs, ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues. When someone leans to one side more than the other, such as while working at a computer or while driving regularly, it can cause an imbalance in the upper back area as well that can lead to pain.


Trauma that is the result of a vehicle accident, such as a car or bicycle crash or a fall from somewhere high up can cause upper back pain from injury to the bones in the spine as well as the discs, ligaments, nerves, muscles and/or other soft tissues. Sports collisions, such as those that often occur in sports like hockey or football, can also cause upper back injury and subsequent pain.


If a person spends a day using his back to do more work than usual, this can also lead to upper back strain and pain. Helping a friend move to a new home or working above the head (think painting a ceiling) for a long period of time, can lead to muscle strains as well as ligament sprains. Inflammation in the upper back is not uncommon from overuse.

How can Chiropractic Care in Tucker, GA Help with Upper Back Pain?

Chiropractic care in Tucker can be a great way to treat and manage symptoms of upper back pain. Regular chiropractic visits can offer patients suffering from upper back pain a treatment option that is non-invasive, safe and non-addictive. This is a great option as opposed to over-the-counter medications (OTCs), which are often prescribed to help minimize pain and swelling rather than addressing the issue itself.

A chiropractor can help to deliver a gentle, non-invasive therapy called a chiropractic adjustment. These adjustments help to reduce misalignments or joint restrictions found in the spine as well as other joints of the body. This process can help to reduce inflammation while improving the function of your nervous system as well as spinal health. By adjusting these areas, your body is given a better chance at managing the symptoms that are caused by your upper back pain.

Regular chiropractic care and adjustments in Tucker offer the following benefits to patients suffering from upper back pain:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced discomfort and pain
  • Increased muscle tone and strength
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved flexibility

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