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My “Journey Mental Health”: anxiety over the years

It’s important that we share our mental health experiences as at least one person can relate. My journey mental health is something I want to share with others.

My Journey Mental Health Began

Since I was a child, I remember being sensitive and worried about things that were not common to my peers. I worried that I would upset someone and overthink everything a lot. This affected my daily life but I assumed this was just who I was. This was how I felt throughout my school years. However, sixth grade was when I realized that my mental state was changing as I started to feel worse.

Since a very young age, I remember being sensitive occupational health nurse jobs and worried about situations that were not common to my peers.

It was then that I Realized what it Meant

Sixth Form was a turning point in my life. I realized that I could make positive changes to my mental and emotional health. I can remember feeling low one day while sitting in class. I had to leave and started crying. The frustrating thing about it was that I didn’t know why.

How I felt After Seeking Help?

The resources my doctor provided me were extremely helpful. They gave me information about my symptoms, and I felt a lot more clear.

Journey Mental Health

My anxiety symptoms decreased perfect hair health significantly for two years, but they started to get worsened again during university. While university was a stressful time for me, it was understandable that I felt anxiety. However, my anxiety returned to its worst. I was able to reach out to help again because I had an understanding of my symptoms, and knew I could manage them.

Where am I now?

Ende of 2019, I finished my third round in talking therapy and feel like I have a lot of tools to manage my anxiety. There are good and bad days. Who doesn’t? But I do feel more proactive because I try to prioritize my journey mental health every day.

I hope you find my story of mental health helpful and inspiring. Although it may seem daunting to talk to someone about your feelings, you will find that you feel much better once you do. Remember that it is okay to ask for help again. Some of us might exercise and eat healthy to improve our physical journey mental health, so why not improve our mental health?