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Belcara Health in the Press

Both Belcara Health, and Clarkview Surgery Center, are committed to providing safety for our patients as well as our staff. We are healthcare professionals who care for a wide range of patients in various disciplines and perform high-level procedures. As such, we take great precautions and follow strict protocols regarding patient care and sanitation.

The team is trained in personal protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and gowns. The team has been trained on the best practices for interacting with patients in our medical facilities. We will keep our patients and team informed of any new recommendations from the CDC.

We have added hand-sanitizing stations to our offices, and increased the frequency of and intensity for office cleaning. Clarkview Surgical Center adheres to strict sterilization protocols and will continue to do so.

We will allow only one person to accompany a patient at any Maryland surgical appointment. Non-surgical patients, who don’t require assistance prior to or after the appointment, are asked to refrain from bringing anyone.

Patients and visitors will not be allowed to visit watkins health center if they are suffering from a fever or other respiratory symptoms. Any staff members with flu-like symptoms should stay at home. We will make arrangements as necessary.

Patients who have traveled within the past 14 days by air will be able to receive virtual appointments or consultations via Skype.

Our office will offer virtual consultations to patients who meet the criteria for a comprehensive analysis and consultation. This is to better accommodate patients and to reduce the spread COVID-19.

If a patient cancels an appointment, funds will be held on your account. These funds can be used to pay for your Belcara Health appointment. This is not a time when refunds can be issued.

Any patient or staff member feeling “off” or unwell should use their personal judgement, stay at home and reschedule, if necessary.

Our goal is to cause as little disruption as possible under the guidance of our respected and educated board of directors. We will also do our part to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure safety for our community. We will continue to follow the CDC’s guidance and adjust our protocols accordingly.

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