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Beaumont Behavioral Health & PSYCHIATRIC PROGRAMS

One in five Americans suffers from a mental illness. The suicide rate in Michigan has increased by 32.9 percent between 1999 and 2016. According to the National Institute for Mental Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the number one cause of death in Michigan. Beaumont is committed in addressing the mental beaumont behavioral health issues of our community.

Beaumont provides a complete continuum of behavioral healthcare services, including treatment for depression, anxiety, panic disorders and bipolar, psychotic, and obsessive compulsive disorders.


Beaumont’s new Behavioral Health Hospital will open in the fall 2021. It will offer a complete continuum of inpatient behavioral covd healthcare services to all patient populations, including special programs for adolescents and adults. They also perform behavioral health assessments 24 hour a day. It will have a Dearborn campus with better access to resources and tools for navigation, helping, healing, and teaching. To meet the needs of this patient group, programs for co-occurring substance use and behavioral issues will be available.

Beaumont Behavioral Health INPATIENT CARE

Beaumont provides complete acr health adult inpatient beaumont behavioral health are in a setting that promotes mental well-being. Beaumont admits patients on a voluntary basis. This means that your loved one will share a program with others who are seeking voluntary treatment.

A team of nurses, social workers and activity therapists are available 24/7 to provide care. Inpatient care focuses on helping you get into partial hospitalization and outpatient care as soon as possible.


Beaumont’s outpatient behavioral services includes board-certified psychiatrists that offer treatment in an office setting. Psychotherapy and psychopharmacology are the two main types of adult psychiatric treatment. Beaumont also provides subspecialty services in geriatrics and anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders and electroconvulsive therapy, among many other specialties.


Mental illness may require more intensive care than an outpatient clinic. Beaumont’s partial Hospitalization Program is here to help. This program can help you manage your mental or emotional illness by offering a variety of therapies, including individual and group therapy, psychoeducation programming that will provide you with more information about your illness, and recreational therapy to aid you in your social, emotional, and physical functioning.


The nation is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals and beaumont behavioral health workers in the state are focusing on the treatment of patients who have contracted it. Dr. Jeffrey Guina is the director of Beaumont’s new residency in psychiatry and chief medical officer at Easterseals Michigan. He is concerned about the effects of the virus on the community’s mental well-being.