Five Tips for the Entrepreneurially Restrained

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You may be a passionate designer and creator but struggle to launch your entrepreneurially venture. This is more than a fear of failure. It can also be a problem with balancing your ambitions with “real life”.

Here are five things that I wish someone would have told me when I started my entrepreneurially career:

1. Entrepreneurially Mind Management.

Failure is part of the learning process. Your ability to learn from your mistakes will determine whether or not you succeed.

The most important lesson from failure is how to manage your mind.

We spend our day being bombarded daily with information about all the disasters, pandemics and natural disasters around the globe. It is no wonder that most people are anxious.

The entire essence of the Bhagavadgita is about managing your mind. This timeless book of wisdom has a significant message: If you can manage your mind in a warlike situation, you can also manage other situations. It’s a skill that can be applied.

entrepreneurially requires that you learn this skill by doing and using the tools to improve it. Wisdom is what transforms your attitude, from arrogance and self-confidence to meekness and humility to realize the power of interdependence and teamwork.

2. The Power of Interdependence Entrepreneurially

Creativity is not encouraged in a chaotic environment. Peace and prosperity go hand in hand. Before you even consider starting your entrepreneurial journey, it is important to recognize that you can’t do it all and that teamwork is the key to your success.

Even if your business was started by you, you still need help. Respect your team and be willing to learn from them. The key to humility and lasting respect is teamwork.

3. Courage of a lion-hearted man

Entrepreneurship is a big feat of courage, especially in today’s world.

It takes guts to have an unshakable faith and belief in yourself and in your idea/product/service.

Courage does not just mean being able to make things happen. It also refers to having the courage and willpower to abandon things when necessary. Passion and dispassion go hand in hand. If you have a plan to implement it, you need passion. If a strategy is not working, you should be able to admit it and then drop it. This is where you need to be dispassionate.

If you don’t crave abundance, it will come to you.

4. Beyond Raking in the Moolah

You can become a successful entrepreneurially by nurturing a cultivating spirit.

My fourth venture is currently in operation. Money has not been a motivating factor throughout the entire process of building, starting and exiting. I believe that if money had been my motivator, I would have become a feverish person.

Instead, I think of myself as a farmer, the farmer who cultivates for yield.

It’s more than just about the yield. Learn about soil and fertilizer, and the seasons of growth. You can be sure that your product is the best, just as the farmer who nurtured his crop.

Keep that faith and you will be able to keep going. This worked well for me when I was trying to come up with new ideas and businesses. It has also helped in the long-term.

5. Meditate.

Your ability to meditate is stronger the greater your ambition and the higher your responsibilities.

It is the best way for you to recharge your energy.

Meditation is not only a great way to relieve stress and strain but also improves your abilities and strengthens your nervous system. It can also help you get rid of harmful toxins. Only when your mind and body are strong, you can reach your goals.

While the body can get its material needs met with water, food and sleep, our spiritual needs cannot be met without spiritual nourishment. Meditate!


These five tips should help you get started in entrepreneurially.

People are often too quick to abandon their mind management skills and find themselves in a vicious circle of negative self-talk or crises of faith, which can adversely affect their ability to be successful as entrepreneurs.

You might feel like you are going through the same thing. If so, you can review the tips below, such as having the courage to lion or the power of interdependence. Inspiration can also be found in reading stories about entrepreneurs who faced similar challenges to you and managed to overcome them using tools such as meditation. This will help you see all the other points you need.


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