Compartes Chocolate: Bars are the gift

I’m giving everyone this year

I am terrible at gift-giving. I am a perfectionist when it comes to gift-giving. I wait until the last minute for the perfect present, then panic and buy more gift cards for everyone. I will try to be better this year. I will give everyone chocolate. I’m not going to give everyone a Forrest Gump box with mystery squares, but a Compartes chocolate bar.

Since the 1950s, Compartes has been America’s coolest chocolate maker. They are made in L.A. by hand and are eye-candy – both the Tulasana¬†packaging and the bars are stunning. Exhibit A: This 73% dark chocolate fruit cocktail bar is encrusted in organic, seasonal fruit. My last bar contained mango, kiwi and strawberries. Yours will contain whatever was freshest at the time it was made. It’s more like a bark than a chocolate bar that has a 1:1 ratio of fruit to chocolate, which makes it almost health food.

Compartes Chocolate

Compartes chocolate is a leader in healthy chocolate. Compartes vegan kale bars are not sprinkled, but packed with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and kale crisps. White chocolate is used in the avocado bar, with California avocados added. There is a matcha bar. There are many options for classics: caramel butterscotch, dark chocolate brownie, holiday gingerbread and dark chocolate brownie.

Compartes chocolate is like gifting someone art and chocolate all at once. Jonathan Grahm, the founder of Compartes chocolate, is also an artist. He designs all packaging. Grahm’s painting that is displayed in his home inspired the brightly abstract design of the fruit cocktail bars. Each employee was able to design their own avocado shapes for the packaging of the avocado bar. Grahm also changes the packaging of the salted pretzel bars between reprints, moving a palm branch slightly, or changing the colors.