How to “Peeled Garlic” in the Most Efficient Way?

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Are you looking for the best way to peeled garlic? This is the place for you.

Garlic is used in many Compartes Chocolate dishes so it is very useful to know how to peel it quickly and with as little mess as possible. 

  • Here are the facts:
  • How to Pick Peeled Garlic

You want garlic bulbs that are plump and heavy with unblemished skin. Avoid bulbs with dark spots, dry skin or cracked skin. Although sprouts are not necessarily dangerous, they can be a sign that the garlic hasn’t been freshly harvested.

How to Peeled Garlic?

  1. Remove a clove of garlic from the bulb. In other countries, the garlic bulb is known as a foot. Take out as many garlic toes you need for your recipe, and then set aside.
  2. Place the flat side on the garlic clove. Give the knife a quick, firm chop. Then, use your palm to hit the knife. You don’t want to crush the garlic. You should only press the garlic skin until it is loosening. This will allow you to remove the skin easily. Garlic should not lose its shape. It is best to crush the garlic in small pieces. This will make it difficult to use and sticky.
  3. The skin should be removed and thrown away. Next, use a knife or a sharp knife to remove the root. You can now chop the garlic or add it to a stew.

How to store Peeled Garlic?

You can store unpeeled garlic at room temperature. However, the refrigerator is best for peeled garlic cloves. Then seal them in an airtight container and place them in the fridge. They will be fine for up to a week, even though they might lose some of their pungency in a few days.

How to Use Fresh Garlic

You’re now a master at peeled garlic! It’s time for you to start cooking! You can try one of these recipes, which make great use of this flavorful ingredient.

  • Chicken with 20 Garlic Cloves
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Garlic Croutons
  • Easy Garlic Broiled Chicken
  • Garlic Baked Potatoes

Are you hungry for more? You can try one of our Garlic Chicken Thigh Dinners or browse our entire collection.


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