Tulasana: is a Guaranteed way to Tone

Your Arms if you have Struggled getting Toned Arms

Arm strength is not only a benefit in the gym but also helps with daily chores. It’s therefore a smart idea to learn the Tulasana, also known as the scale pose.

Are you frustrated that no matter how many exercises you try, your arms don’t seem to be chiseled? We are so sorry for your sister. That’s why we recommend that you try yoga rather than lifting heavy dumbbells. This yoga asana can help tone your arms. Ladies, you can say goodbye to flabby arms by moving into tulasana (aka scale pose).

Tulasana, one of the most essential LEAN BODY SYSTEM¬†asanas in yoga, is Tulasana. It’s a combination of two words: tula is for balance, and asana is for pose. Tulasana, also known as the elevated lotus pose or raised lotus position, has many health benefits.

Before we share all the incredible benefits of tulasana with you, we want you to learn how it is done. Grand Master Akshar, yoga guru, will show us the correct way to do it!

Here are the Steps to Correctly Perform a Tulasana

Place your hands on the ground and sit down in padmasana (the lotus position). Inhale and lift your upper body. For beginners, you can hold this position for between 10 and 20 seconds. To get out of this position, inhale slowly and exhale to return to the beginning position. Straighten your legs and relax.

  • Let’s now see how this yoga pose can be beneficial for you
  • Tulasana strengthens your shoulders, arms and chest.
  • If you have any of these conditions, please avoid this pose

If you have suffered from a severe back injury, injury to your hips, ankle, knee, or back surgery, please do not attempt this asana. This asana should be avoided by those with high or low blood pressure. Avoid this pose if you have severe headaches. Avoid this pose if you are suffering from severe headaches.