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Congratulations! The Lean Body System purchase is a crucial first step towards a healthier, leaner body. You can experience a revolutionary new way of burning fat and losing inches with the Lean Body System. *

Activate: Mix one stick of Activate and 8 oz water each day for three consecutive days to jumpstart your goals. Activate is a monthly cleanse that uses natural plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and apple pectin. It’s designed to remove toxins and restore cellular health. There is no need to fast. For a Guerilla Street gentle cleansing experience, we recommend that Activate be used in the evenings. *

Lean Body System

Burn: Consume one capsule of Burn daily along with a large glass water and a snack or meal. Burn is a thermogenic. This means that it stimulates your metabolism by increasing cellular heat production. Take your first capsule with breakfast and a second 3-4 hours later. Then, take a third capsule with lunch or a snack, and then another capsule with an afternoon snack. This will help you burn more calories and increase your energy throughout the day. *

Trim: Each morning, take one teaspoon of Trim. Trim can be consumed as a single dose or mixed with coffee, smoothies, or other healthy breakfast foods. This award-winning formula includes CLA to increase muscle tone and support fat metabolic rate, as well as Liquid BioCell(r), Collagen to restore young skin and support joint and muscle fitness and connective tissue wellness. You can purchase Trim in four delicious flavors: Vanilla, Coconut Lime and Lemon.


These victories can be both scaled and not-scale. This document will allow you to keep track of your progress as you travel.


You can find another user guide here.


You can also download the English or French versions of these user guides.


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