What Is BlueChew? Inside the Chewable Service

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What Is BlueChew? Inside the Chewable Service That Reignites Your Bedroom Confidence!

Few things in life feel better than watching our confidence on a date turn into a great performance back in the bedroom BlueChew. Unfortunately, performing at our peak can be difficult when nearly half of all men experience some form or level of erectile dysfunction (ED). The prevalence of ED continues to escalate with age, increasing between 5 and 15% for men ages 40 through 70.

Struggling with ED is no longer necessary. Don’t give up the sexual drive that you’ve always loved. Instead, reach for BlueChew Chewable Tablets when it’s your time to chew it and do it!

Fueling Bedroom Confidence Everywhere

Upon developing ED, it can feel intimidating to try and get frisky with the one that you love. There’s always going to be that doubt in our minds, will we perform to our best expectations? The truth is that ED is far from a devastating barrier to sexual intimacy, thanks in large part to chewable subscription services fueled by FDA-approved ingredients.

If you’re tired of asking, “What Is BlueChew all about?” we are ready to answer your question!

What IS BlueChew?

BlueChew is a telemedicine brand based out of Chicago, focused specifically on treating ED through innovative chewable tablets. Utilizing chewable tablets acquired after approval, BlueChew connects men to the chewable tablets that will help them find their bedroom confidence whenever they need it.

BlueChew chewables are available with Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Both drugs feature Food and Drug Administration approval to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Sildenafil – Known as the primary ingredient in Viagra and Revatio, Sildenafil is available in 30mg and 45mg Onset is between 30 and 60 minutes, though the tablets can be consumed up to four hours before sexual activity.
  • Tadalafil – Found primarily in Cialis and Adcirca, Tadalafil is available in 6mg and 9mg With onset roughly 30 to 60 minutes after consumption, BlueChew subscribers can also opt to consume Taladafil up to 24 hours before those steamy bedroom moments.

The BlueChew chewable tablets belong to the Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (PDE-5) category. This enzyme is found in the muscles of the penis, causing blood vessels to constrict. PDE-5 will block this enzyme, causing vasodilation.

The BlueChew Experience

Ordering Blue Chew is as fast, simple, and easy as consumers could hope for. Deliveries are discreet and are often made within two days. With a free trial membership during the first month, future subscribers have an opportunity to test the product before fully embracing the experience.

Here is how a consumer today can sign up for their BlueChew experience.

  1. Select Your Plan – BlueChew connects subscribers with the plan that best works for their needs. Options range from Active and Busy to Popular and Pro. Select the plan that feels right and understand that it can be modified or canceled at any time.
  2. Undergo Consultation – After selecting the right plan to suit your needs, subscribers will fill out a medical sheet to confirm their health. During this phase, members can shop between the different dosage and quantity options.
  3. Check-out and Delivery – With a plan in place, approval typically comes within 24 hours. BlueChew memberships will then become active, providing clients with the chewables they need to feel their best in the bedroom.

More than just a service to connect shoppers to their ED support tablets, BlueChew puts comfort and confidence back into their hands. Chewable tablets are available without an in-person visit, provided through a licensed medical provider. Cheaper than many brand-name ED options, BlueChew

All About BlueChew

Delivering the same active ingredients found in industry-leading ED supplements, the BlueChew service delivers bedroom confidence boosters from the comfort of home and at a fraction of the cost. Done entirely online, BlueChew subscribers can avoid awkward in-person conversations with their medical professionals.

BlueChew is not available to individuals in North Dakota and South Carolina. Clients are connected with a licensed medical provider and a prescription is to be written if approved after a digital consultation. Subscriptions come with monthly refills and medical support.


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