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Pat Walker Health Center: More than a Doctor’s Office

Students pat walker health center who have not missed class due to sickness should not think that they are invincible. Although snow isn’t yet on the ground, it’s still winter and spring is several weeks away.

Pat Walker Health Center

For those who are fortunate enough not to get sick, the Pat Walker Health Center is a good place to keep an eye on. It also offers more services than most students realize. The Pat Walker Health Center, located at the corner of Maple Street and Garland Street, offers three types of services to students: a medical/women’s clinic and Health Promotion and Education. It also has CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services).

Five doctors and two nurse practitioners are on staff at the medical clinic. In addition, Pat Walker added two family physicians in the past year. They provide basic healthcare for students, particularly those who study late and can’t care for themselves.

“I have been there at least once per semester and I believe they do a fantastic job. Beck Harris, a senior, said that they always looked out for my best interests at every visit. One doctor even had me visit him three times in a row to check on my progress. He also called me on the fourth day to confirm that I was getting better.

Razor Care is One Way that the Health Center Tried to Respond, Dr. Charles R. Belt M.D.

Belt stated that Razorcare is an after-hours walk-in clinic for acute care. It does not require appointments and will treat only one problem lasting less than one week. Belt said that if there is a rush of students it tends not to happen in the afternoon. However, it can be quite a variety of issues, north beach health club including sudden sicknesses like sore throats and gastrointestinal illnesses.

The women’s clinic was established in 1984 and is a separate clinic for women. It has its own nurse practitioner and gynecologist. It offers everything, including general checks and STI screenings.

The Clinic is Located at the Pat Walker Center’s Second Floor

In the past few years, CAPS has been in high demand. CAPS employs licensed psychologists and counselors who can help students deal with stress, tragedy, and therapy.

Mary Alice Serafini is the executive director of Pat Walker Health Center. She stated that “the health fee covers unlimited consultations with counselors.”

Serafini stated that even if students don’t have insurance, the clinic can help them find the best way to get the health care they need.

It is wrong to blame sickness or inability to pay for treatment for students missing class. The Pat Walker whatley health services is located on campus and can help students stay healthy so they can focus on school.