Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should do yoga


Even though yoga is at an all-time popularity high, there are still many who have never tried it. Most know of yoga’s fantastic health benefits, but there are many other reasons to give yoga a try.  Many yoga schools and studios can be found on every continent, in which you will also discover many practices even for the people who do not live in a world rich with the opportunity.

If you are looking for a powerful, proven and unique exercise that will give you more energy and help you better absorb the physical world, then join the ranks of Yoga Gurus. It is only from yoga that we can learn the wisdom and understand the yoga philosophies that will help our lives and the lives of others.

Reasons to practice yoga

If you have never started your Yoga practice, this is a great opportunity to do just that. Here are the ten top reasons why you should give yoga a go:

1. Yoga has often been used for it’s powerful physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Today’s medical science has proved that yoga is a boon for  human beings both physically and mentally.

2.Where Yoga asanas makes muscle strong, by which the lean person becomes toned and fit. On the other hand, the regular practice of yoga also reduces fat from the body. Thus yoga is beneficial for both fat and slim people.

3. Gym exercise is only from a certain part of the body, and yoga is the exercise of all the parts of the body, which makes the body organ functioning smoothly.

4. Continuous the practice of yoga is a good exercise of muscles. It reduces stress and makes life peaceful.

5. Pranayama gives control over breathing, which offers great benefit to the respiratory system related diseases. Pranayama deep breathing exercises are very beneficial in conditions like asthma, allergy, colds and also increases the ability to absorb oxygen of the lungs from which the body cells get more oxygen, which has a positive effect on the whole body activism.

6. Meditation is the most essential part of yoga. Nowadays, materialism has increased in the pressure of work, distrust in relations, stress etc. There is nothing better than a practice of meditation in such a situations. Meditation helps in reducing the stress as well as depression and provides peace of mind. The concentration of mind and perception increases, especially when using some visualization meditation techniques.

7. Yoga practice has been shown to increase the power of fighting diseases. Even older people can remain young, and their skin can shine; the body becomes healthy and strong.

8. Yoga reduces the level of blood sugar and also lowers LDL or bad cholesterol. Yoga is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients.

9. Some studies have found that due to some yoga and meditation, pain in arthritis, back pain migraine, etc. is dramatically heals, and the drug need decreases.

10. Yoga increases immunity to the body and reduces your dependence on medicines. Many studies have proven that the patients with asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes have become completely healthy by practicing yoga.

In essence, yoga is not only a physical exercise or a remedy to remove diseases but is a life-giving method to improve life. Yoga has saved thousands of lives, and today’s Yoga Gurus have recognized that there is nothing else like it.