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iMask Plus is The Most Stunning Mask Ever Manufactured

Sometimes it is mind-blowing to imagine that you can fuse a Bluetooth technology and air quality app to produce a health face mask. As technology evolution grinds on the globe, face mask manufacturers have also risen to the occasion to produce quality and friendly masks. Many people feel so irritated when they use masks for long hours. Some feel that were it not for the safety rules and regulations or government directives to wear masks at workplaces or in public, especially during this CORONA pandemic period, they would not wear masks at all. Ordinary face masks tend to be so uncomfortable on the face, make breathing difficult, and they are just plain.  Thank God for iMask+ that is present to save you from all these worries.

iMask+ is a modern face mask with a new technology that has undergone massive adjustments to fit into all your personal needs. It is easy to wear and very comfortable. Amazingly, it has a Bluetooth system that allows you to listen to music, receive calls, and connect to the internet as you do your things.

Do not yet get excited about iMask+ for there is a myriad of benefits that you will rip from this outstanding face mask including hygienic breathability. Different from other masks, iMask+ has a comprehensive and elaborate filtration system with a replaceable N99 filter. This up-to-the-mark filter allows you to get comfortable protection from environmental contaminants and unsanitary breathing conditions. You can use the filter for long hours. What amazes again with this filtration system is that it does not allow the accumulation of CO2 but instead, it has a one-way valve that releases it.

If you need a face mask that has a comfort fit and style, iMask+ is the only choice that you have. this mask has a sophisticated frame that you can easily wash together with its cover. With iMask+ you can easily breathe through a high flow of air and a one-way valve that expels CO2. Its design as well allows for ergonomic styling for comfort. Most importantly, the mask comes with a replaceable N99 filter to protect you against airborne diseases and pollution.

Get iMask+ if you are a person who is full of a wide range of activities since it lets you walk, talk, and carry on your life as usual. You can furthermore text, chat, and work while the mask is on. iMask+ gives an all-round hands-free listening experience.

Do not be worried about your situation and profession when choosing an iMask+. iMask+ is so versatile and fits in so many situations and professions. Like if you are a firefighter, this mask is reusable and it is air powered with an air assist system. It is so easy for coordinators to give directions in the industrial or professional segment with the Bluetooth connectivity in place. This Bluetooth system is efficient for telephony and music to the consumer segment. Exclusively, you can synchronize the Bluetooth system with an app that will keep informing you about the current air condition. 

What more do you need in a mask? Get iMask+ and start your joy immediately.