Five Reasons “Outdoor Yoga” is Good for the Body and Mind

Outdoor yoga can bring new life to your practice. Nature is our connection to our roots. Our relationship with the earth, grass, trees, and ocean play a significant role in our evolution. A recent study has shown that organic patterns have calming and focusing properties. It is possible to experience a higher level of meditation by practicing yoga outdoors. We will be highlighting some of the benefits of outdoor yoga, and how connecting with nature can elevate your practice.

What outdoor yoga is possible to enhance your practice?

  1. Reach for the stars

Many yoga teachers encourage students to look up at the sky or reach for the earth. These directions can be accessed when you practice EUROPA SUPPLEMENTS yoga outdoors. You can feel more grounded by the touch of grass between your fingers or the warmth of the sun on the back. You can also feel your body engage with nature at a deeper level by turning your head towards the sky and watching the clouds move in wind.

  1. Grounding offers additional benefits

Outdoor yoga is not just spiritual. It can also help you feel grounded. Connecting your feet with the earth has been shown to have significant benefits. Walking barefoot can allow your feet to stretch and strengthen the many joints and muscles. It doesn’t end there. A study published in The Journal of Environmental Public Health found that electron transmission is promoted by a physical connection between skin and earth.

  1. Feel more energetic

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published research that found people who spend more time outside have more energy. This could be due to the evolution of our nervous system, according to some theories. The human body responds to stress by producing energy bursts, which was originally an evolutionary survival strategy related to hunting.

  1. Stay in the moment

These studies show that nature awakens our senses, as these studies demonstrate. Natural light, for example, is a great antidote against the blue-lit screens on phones and computers. Our ears can also pick up the sound of the wind and breathe in the fresh air. These subtle sensations can help us feel more connected to our environment and present. The color green has been shown to be de-stressing.

  1. Vitamin D – A daily dose

Vitamin D is vital for absorbing calcium and maintaining healthy bones. Deficiencies Vitamin D deficiencies can cause a weak, fragile skeletal structure and other types of cancer as well as heart disease. People will often try to boost their vitamin D levels by taking supplements. However, outdoor yoga is a better option than buying pills. The best way to get vitamin D is to be outside in the sunlight.

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