How to choose the best yoga mat

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How to choose the best yoga mat


Why it matters: Your yoga mat’s thickness has a significant impact on how comfortable it is. Too thin and your knee could get hurt during crescent lunge. Thick yoga mats, some as thick as 1/4 inches, can make it difficult for you to feel a strong link to the ground, which could lead to you feeling more wobbly when you do Tree Pose. 

Standard yoga mats are approximately 1/8 inches thick. The thickest yoga mats are about 1/4 inch. Wafer-thin yoga rugs, also known as “travel yoga rugs”, are available that measure just 1/16 inches thick. They are lightweight and fold up easily, so they can be packed in a suitcase with ease. 


Why it is important: The material of your yoga mat manfuacturer will determine its texture, stickiness and eco-friendliness. It also affects how durable it is over time. 

Vinyl, also known as PVC, is the most common material used for yoga mats. Natural and recycled rubber, jute and organic cotton are all eco-friendly alternatives. 

The following are some guidelines for buying yoga mats made from natural rubber. PVC yoga mats can withstand your abuse and use for over a decade. Although spongeiness can vary between different materials, PVC is the most flexible of all yoga mat materials. Jute and cotton are the least flexible. 


Why it is important: Your yoga mat’s texture determines how much traction you get. Texture, like stickiness, affects the amount of sliding and slipping you do. It acts as a barrier to sliding, whereas stickiness relies upon suction. Because texture has an impact on how a yoga mat feels, it can also be a part of overall comfort. 

Any bumpy texture in savasana will likely cause irritation if you are a Princess and the Pea. Texture can either be man-made (a pattern with raised bumps for example), or dictated by materials. Jute yoga mats have an organic roughness, while PVC yogamats have a soft feel. 


Why it is important: Yogis hold the principle of ahimsa (or non-violence) dear. This makes it difficult to practice yoga on a mat that could end up in a landfill for many decades. 

Natural or recycled rubber is the most common material used to make earth-friendly yoga mats. These yoga mats can also contain natural materials like jute and organic cotton. 


A basic, 1/8-inch thick, solid-color PVC sticky yoga rug will fall towards the lower end of the price spectrum. You may have to pay more for logos, patterns or designs; premium thickness; antimicrobial treatment; cool textures and raised tactile patterns. The highest priced yoga mats that are eco-friendly tend to be the most expensive. 


After narrowing down your options by price, thickness, material texture, stickiness and eco-friendliness you will be left with one thing: style. You can now choose your favorite color, print, or pattern. You’ll see a lot of it down dog. Have fun shopping!


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