Neck Exercise Machines

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While the neck may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of exercising, it is an important part of our body. Stretching and working the neck exercise machines muscles can reduce pain and help prevent injury. An exercise machine that is specifically designed for the neck can be a good investment if you have chronic neck pain or are suffering from injury.

Before you start any neck exercise machines
If you are suffering from neck pain or have had a neck injury, you should consult your doctor before you begin any neck exercises. To reduce injury risk, slow, gentle, and smooth movements are recommended.

Posture Pulley Neck Exercise Equipment

The Posture Pulley neck exercises machines are a neck strap that wraps around your head. The neck strap is designed to align the neck and correct forward-leaning postures. The neck strap can be used correctly without straining or pulling the neck muscles. It will also stretch the back muscles of the neck. This is more common in a home or physical therapy setting than in a gym.

User Experience

It is easy to use and effective. The device Push Jerk Exercise is recommended by chiropractors for patients with neck and posture problems. You can also incorporate other gentle neck exercises with practice and time.

How to Use

The Posture Pulley Neck Exercise machines can be used in the following ways:

Wrap the large neoprene strip around the head, and then grip the handles from either side.
Hold the handles in front by straightening your arms and pulling them forward for five to ten second.

  • Use the strap to gently twist the neck to one side
  • Champion Neck Exercise Machines

Although this machine is more common in a gym setting than at home, it might be useful for those who exercise their neck muscles. The Champion neck exercise machines is similar to any weighted exercise machine. It uses pivots and adjustable pins that can add or remove resistance. Although this machine is more expensive than the strap, it provides a better strengthening workout.

User Experience

This machine received a positive Amazon review, which praises its durability and effectiveness. A Walmart customer also reviewed the machine, saying that it is a great machine and easy to assemble.

How to Use?

Make sure the machine is properly adjusted before you start to use it.

Grab the handles and place your weight on the adjustable seat.
Place your face against the pads, and then drop your chin so that the pads are in front of you.
Your neck should be doing all the work during the movement. Don’t let your body push you forward.


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