The “Stamina Exercise Bike”

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Stamina is committed to comfort and fitness. We want you to have fun while working out. We believe that you should not only be able to do stamina exercise bike effective workouts but also take care of your body, including your muscles, joints, bones, and everything else that connects them.

We offer more than standard stationary bikes. There are bikes that have upper body pedals and desktops. We also offer a combination recumbent/rowing bike. We offer a variety of bikes and other equipment that will help you maintain and improve your fitness. Our focus on design is innovative and focused. Below are the upright and recumbent bicycles we offer.


Did you ever pedal under your desk? Stamina offers everything you need for your fitness, from small under-the-desk machines to large-scale fitness machines. The company makes upright stationary bikes, recumbent Chin Tuck Exercise bicycles and a hybrid exercise and rower. The Airgometer is another special product. It is Stamina’s best-selling bike for those in good shape. It’s suitable for all levels of fitness.

Their unique products are often priced at $99 or less, but they still receive positive reviews. The Stamina Pro InStride Total Body Cycle is a good example. It offers a variety of levels of very low resistance that allows people to cycle their arms and legs for rehabilitation training or muscle toning. The Arthritis Foundation has given this product an Ease of Use Commendation.

Stamina Products, Inc., has been building a large base of happy customers since the 1980s through infomercials, catalogs, department shops, websites, and other channels. Stamina products have a very short warranty, but they are still able to perform well enough that they receive a good percentage of positive customer reviews. Here are some thoughts on choosing Stamina fitness equipment.

Exercise Bike riding has many benefits

Mountain biking and cycling are still very popular. You can reap the many benefits of cycling indoors by using a Stamina Products high-quality, comfortable and modern exercise bike. Continue reading to learn more about bikes and take a look through the many indoor bikes we offer.

An indoor exercise bike offers cardio workouts with variable intensity. This is great for anyone looking to improve their overall health or lose weight. Indoor exercise bikes allow you to work out regardless of the weather and also give you the opportunity to watch TV, movies, listen and download music, podcasts and audiobooks.

Are you upright or recumbent?

Stamina Products offers upright and recumbent options to our bikes. What is the difference? Is one better than another?

Upright bikes mimic the classic bicycle experience and are modeled after a mountain bike or bike you might use outside. Upright bikes are smaller and more compact, offer a workout for your upper body, while also allowing you to pedal. They also engage your core, which will help round out your workout.

Recumbent bikes offer greater comfort and support. You can sit on a recumbent bike with extra back support while you pedal. Recumbent bikes don’t require you to use your core as much, but you will still be able to get the same low-body workout with them. Recumbents are best suited for people who have specific fitness goals. The recumbent’s larger seats offer additional comfort and allow for more relaxation.


  • All-in-one Strength Building and Biking
  • The Stamina Exercise Bike and Strength System offers cardiovascular benefits and a variety of strength training exercises.

Two arms are included in the Strength System. They have dual-pulley, elastic and bungee cords at the front and back. The Strength System’s front can be used for sitting exercises such as chest press, curls or flies. Switch the handles to the back of the machine and unhook the clips for standing exercises. Use the ankle cuff provided to lower your body for exercises such as one-leg cable kickbacks. For greater stability, hold onto the handlebars that are padded on the back of your seat during standing movements.


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