The “Push Jerk Exercise” Guide

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Push Jerk Exercise Can Help you Increase your Body’s Strength, Endurance, & Stamina

This lift is very popular in Cross Fit and other athletic training programs. To perform this lift correctly, one must have the right technique and raw overhead power.

You should have a good technique with the push presses and strict presses before you can use this lift.

  • The Strict Press will show you how to lift a weight above your head.
  • The Push Press will show you how to use your legs to drive a weight above you.
  • Push Jerk: How to Guide

 Step by Step Instruction

  • Step 1: Position the barbell on a squat rack so that it is just below your shoulders.
  • Step 2: Stand shoulder-width apart exercise bar with your arms and feet. Take hold of the bar by using an overhand grip. Bend your wrist backwards so that your palms face upwards towards the roof.
  • Step 3: Take the bar out of its socket. Step 3: Hold the bar at shoulder height. Take a step back.

Difficulty Level

The push jerk exercise can be used as an intermediate training method. Before you attempt this lift, you should have a few months of lifting experience.

Equipment Required

  • The type of variation that you choose will determine which gear you need.
  • Push jerk exercise can be done with Dumbbells or a barbell.
  • Push jerk exercise is a very useful exercise because it can be used with multiple types of equipment.
  • Muscles at Work
  • Push Jerk can work nearly every muscle in your body.
  • Your Quadriceps are the primary muscles that will be involved in the lift.
  • When you do this push jerk exercise, your secondary muscles are your Shoulders and -Triceps. Forearms, Forearms and Core get worked. Glutes, Hamstrings and the Hip Flexors also get involved.

The Push Jerk Exercise Has Many Benefits

  • This lift will be used by many people to prepare for more difficult Olympic lifts, such as the clean or Jerk.
  • This will show you how to use the momentum of a squat for lifting a weight above your head.
  • Push jerk will increase your strength and power when you lift heavy. It has been shown to increase hip power and strengthen the posterior chain.

Training Tips

  • Keep the weight in the vertical plane.
  • Your body will rock back and forth if you squat with your toes rather than your heels.
  • Rocking can make it more difficult to lift and reduce the effectiveness of this push jerk workout.



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