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“Nau Campus Health” Insurance

Nau Campus Health Insurance and Payment

Nau Campus Health is expanding its telemedicine service offering to meet the growing demand. Telemedicine reduces your risk while allowing you to access your healthcare provider. Telemedicine visits can be billed but not all insurance plans will cover them.

All patients who want to use CHS Telemedicine for medical or mental care should contact their insurance company. Ask your insurance company if Telemedicine is covered under your plan. Telemedicine services will be charged at the same rate as an In-office visit.

All current students at Northern Arizona University who have paid the semester Health and Recreation Fee are eligible for our services. Our services are not covered by insurance, but it is recommended. Northern Arizona University faculty associate health check members and staff, as well as their adult dependents, have access to our services.

Nau Campus Health Plans

These are the four options available to you in order for Medical Services to treat you.

Fee for Service: For individual services, you pay $58 and for any labs or procedures that you have performed.
LouieCare: $135 per semester. Most services provided by Medical Services include a $10 copay.
LouieCare can only be effective if all payments have been made. The discounted rate will not apply to services that are received after the plan has been fully paid.
Nau campus health Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna Cigna, United Healthcare and TriCare are our current contracted insurance providers. We are not currently contracted with any state Medicaid plans.

Additional Information

CHS must have a copy of your insurance card (front and back) before it can bill you for any contracted insurance. Your card images can be uploaded through Nau Campus Health patient portal. You can also upload the card at your appointment. Any charges incurred by the patient may be borne by the patient if the insurance information is not received before the service date.
To bill for services, you will need to complete an Insurance Billing Form and present it with your insurance card.
LOUIE accounts may be charged with any copays or deductibles. Your insurance company should verify your benefits. If you live outside of the Arizona network, or have an HMO you should contact your plan to confirm coverage.
CHS uses Sonora Quest, a third-party laboratory service (Sonora Quest), for certain lab services. You may be charged an additional fee by Sonora Quest.

This plan covers international travel for the duration required by your academic institution. All reasonable expenses for medically beaumont behavioral health required physician office visits, inpatient and outpatient services, as well as emergency hospital services upto a $500,000 limit, will be covered. Additional benefits are available for medically required services at 100% of reasonable costs, subject to some limitations or maximums.