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The Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass

The Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass

You can build muscle by simply eating right and lifting weights. Supplements are an option to maximize your growth health products potential. There is only one question: Which supplements should I choose?

We have compiled a list of the top mass-gain products that are worth your hard-earned money. These supplements are listed in order of importance, starting with the most important, must-have ingredients, and ending with the less-important, but still very effective, ingredients to increase your size. This is done to assist those with tight budgets in choosing which Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass to purchase. You can stock up if you don’t have the money, but make sure that you are using them as directed.

Whey protein powder

Whey is the best mass-gain supplement because it is the most important for protein synthesis. Whey, a milk protein rich in branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs), is No. Our list is at number 4. Whey is the winner because it can be digested quickly and reaches your muscles quickly to build muscle. Whey also has peptides, which are small proteins that increase blood flow to muscles. We recommend that you consume whey protein right after your training.

To maximize the effects of Whey Protein Powder, take 20g in the first 30 minutes of your workout and 40g within 60 minutes. To kick-start muscle growth, you should take 20-40g of whey protein powder every morning upon waking up. You can choose either whey isolate or whey proteins hydrolysates to get your whey protein into smaller pieces for easier digestion.

Casein protein powder

Casein, another milk protein, is a little more liquid than whey. Because of its slow digestion rate, casein has been second to none. However, this makes it a great snack for pre-bedtime because it prevents you from catabolism by slowly emptying your stomach. Casein makes you feel fuller, making it an excellent snack option for people who are looking to build muscle mass. New research has shown that casein is more nutritious than whey. Casein can boost muscle protein synthesis as well when taken after a workout. Even better is a combination of casein and whey protein shakes after training to increase muscle growth than either one.

Maximize its effectiveness: Take 20-40g of casein protein with micellar casein before you go to bed. Add 10-20g of casein to your whey after a workout. Between meals, you can add 20-40 grams of casein to your protein shakes.

Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass Creatine

Three amino acids make up creatine: arginine (glycine), methionine (methionine). Both anecdotal and scientific reports show that creatine supplementation can make men gain weight by up to 10 pounds and improve their strength. Creatine has many benefits. Creatine increases your ability to burn calories quickly and perform more reps at the gym. You can do more reps with the same weight if you have more fast energy. This will allow you to grow stronger and bigger over the long-term. Creatine can also draw more water into muscle cells, putting a stretch on the cells that will increase long-term growth. Recent research has shown that creatine can increase insulin-like growth factor-1 levels in muscle cells, which is crucial for stimulating growth.

You can maximize the effects of creatine by taking 2-5 grams of creatine monohydrate or creatine malate, creatine ester or creatine ethyl ester with your protein shake right before you start working out. This will keep your muscles saturated in creatine and provide the energy you need to do more reps. Take 2-5g of creatine every morning if you aren’t training.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)

Leucine (isoleucine) and valine are all branched chain amino acids. They are the most essential amino acids for building and repairing muscle tissue. Research has shown that leucine can stimulate muscle protein production on its own, making it the most important of all three. It’s best to combine all three, as they can work together to provide many benefits. These include muscle growth, increased energy during exercise, blunting cortisol (a catabolic hormonal that inhibits testosterone and causes muscle breakdown), and reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness.

You can maximize their effectiveness by taking 5-10 grams of BCAAs every morning with your breakfast and in your pre- and post-workout shakes. BCAA products should contain leucine in a 2:1 ratio for isoleucine or valine. If you take a 5-gram dosage of BCAAs, 2.5 grams should come from leucine and 1.25 from isoleucine. 1.25 grams should come from valine.


The body makes carnosine by combining the amino acid beta-alanine with another amino, histidine. Studies show that muscles with higher levels of carnosine have greater strength and endurance. Carnosine seems to increase muscle fibers’ capacity to contract more forcefully and for longer periods without becoming fatigued. Numerous studies have shown that athletes who take beta-alanine experience an increase in strength and power. A recent study showed that beta-alanine supplemented with creatine resulted in greater muscle gains and a decrease in body fat.

You can maximize their effectiveness by taking 1-2 grams of beta-alanine and carnosine right before and after your workouts, along with your shakes or creatine. Take 2 grams of creatine with your breakfast on non-workout days.

Nitric Oxide boosters

The molecule Nitric oxide (NO), which is found all over the body, plays a role in many processes. Bodybuilders are particularly interested in NO’s ability dilate blood vessels. This allows for increased blood flow to the muscle, which increases oxygen, nutrients and water delivery. This will give you more energy, a better pump, and better recovery and growth. The NO boosters do not directly provide NO, but instead deliver it as the amino acid, arginine. This amino acid is easily converted into NO by the body. Studies have shown that subjects who received arginine had increased muscle strength, growth, and decreased body fat.

You can maximize their effectiveness by using a NO booster that contains 3-5 grams of L-arginine or arginine alpha ketoglutarate, L-arginine, or arginine ester. Consider NO boosters with ingredients like citrulline, American ginseng, pycnogenol, or arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. These ingredients increase arginine’s ability to increase NO. You should take one dose each time you are going to bed: 30-60 minutes prior to breakfast, 30-60 mins before and after training, as well as 30-60 minutes before bed. If possible, combine each dose with 500-1,000mg of vitamin C to help maintain NO levels for longer periods of time.


Because it is central to muscle function, this amino acid has been a favourite of bodybuilders for many decades. It is also one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body. Glutamine has many bodybuilding benefits. It helps increase muscle growth, decrease muscle breakdown, and boosts the immune system. This prevents you from missing your workouts and getting sick. Taken before you exercise, glutamine can reduce muscle fatigue and increase growth hormone levels. Recent research has shown that glutamine may also help with fat loss, increasing calories and fat burnt during exercise and at rest.

You can maximize the effects of glutamine by taking 5-10 grams in the morning, along with your breakfast shakes and your evening snack.


ZMA is a combination zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. This is an essential supplement as hard-training athletes, such as bodybuilders, are often deficient. These minerals are critical for maintaining hormone levels and aiding recovery. Training can lead to lower levels of testosterone or IGF-1. One study showed that ZMA supplementation significantly increased testosterone and IGF-1 levels in athletes over eight weeks. Those who were given placebos experienced a decrease in T and IGF-1. The effects of increasing testosterone and IGF-1 can have a huge impact on muscle gains.

Maximize its effectiveness by using ZMA products that contain 30 mg of zinc, 450m of magnesium and 10.5m of vitamin B6. Take it 30-60 minutes before bedtime, without food or calcium. ZMA can be taken on an empty stomach to increase its utilization and quality. This will also improve your ability to recover from injury.


Carnitine is a well-known fat-loss supplement. However, it has been shown to increase muscle growth via a variety of mechanisms. All of these mechanisms are supported by clinical research. One of the benefits that carnitine provides is its ability to increase blood flow to muscle, similar to NO boosters. It increases testosterone levels after a workout and the number of T receptors in muscle cells. This allows for more testosterone to stimulate growth. Carnitine Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass also increase IGF-1 levels. All these benefits combined can lead to massive muscle gains.

How to maximize its effects: Take 1-3 grams of carnitine in the form of L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine, or L-carnitine-L-tartrate with breakfast, your pre-and postworkout shakes, and nighttime meals.


Beta-ecdysterone, a phytochemical that is found in plants like spinach, serves the main purpose of protecting it from insects. Russian scientists discovered that beta-ecdysterone had anabolic properties many years ago. It is actually similar in structure to hormones that are found in crustaceans and insects. Beta-ecdysterone is not a hormone, but stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. It is believed to be very effective in increasing muscle strength and size.

How to maximize its effectiveness: Make sure you take beta-ecdysterone regularly throughout the day and get a sufficient amount. For a total of 400 to 500 mg, look for products that contain 100mg of beta-ecdysterone. Take it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.