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Benefits of Medical Skin Care Products

Feed Your Skin Pro (FYSPRO): A Cosmeceutical Skin Care Brand

In order to provide consumers with a solution for all their Medical Skin Care problems, a Norwegian cosmeceutical skincare brand fryspo has developed medical-grade skin care cosmetics that help address many skin issues. The formulations have all been developed by skincare scientists and dermatologists and have been approved to be sold with the help of recommendations by a dermatologist. Every store contains a dermatologist to suggest you the best product. Once you’ve identified the skin care problem, you can use the products like a medical grade product and expect the same quality of results. The products use a slow-release technology to deliver the product and achieve efficient results with one application. The amount of active ingredient is kept in a range where it’s safe to apply the treatment at home.

Benefits of Advanced Skin Care:

Medical skin care and routine skin care are different in many ways.Some of themain differences include:

1.   Medical Skin care products contain better quality ingredients.

The products at fryspo are formulated by using pure and quality ingredients.There is a check and balance on the characteristics of each ingredient in these medical skin care products. The productsdo not contain more amount of fillers than actual beneficial ingredients.

2.   The products contain more of each ingredient.

These cosmeceutical products have a high density of useful and stable ingredients and are present in substantial amounts compared to normal over-the-counter skin care products. The ingredients like vitamin C, retinoids, and antioxidants present in normal skin care products are too low of a concentration to have any desirable effect.

3.   The products are FDA regulated.

These skin care products are safe for use, and FDA evaluates their composition and safety for use. Most cosmeceuticals are marked as pharmaceuticals and must have 99.9 percent pure active ingredients by law. The benefits of such a product must be supported by scientific evidence showing that the skin care product is beneficial and does what it advertises because being sold to the public.

4.   They have a deeper penetrance.

Unlike normal skin care products that remain confined only to the skin surface, these medical skin care products formulated by fryspo are absorbed deeper into the skin and thus give better results. The products help to replenish skin cells and rejuvenate them from the base after they penetrate the epidermis and reach the deeper layers of the skin. Here is where all collagen and connective tissues that give strength to the skin are formed.

5.   Medical skin care is skin specific.

Normal skin care products have moisturizing capabilities, but other than that, they aren’t quite useful as they contain less active ingredients. On the other hand, these medical skin care products have more quality ingredients directed towards a specific skin type. All the products have a specific skin type they aim to treat.Theyare often prescribed by a dermatologist who knows what’s wrong with the skin and tells you what to use to treat it.

6.   They help achieve results quicker.

Since medical skin care products contain more active ingredients, the skin care results are surprisingly better and quicker than normal skin care products. The active ingredients are specifically directed towards a particular skin condition and help achieve results quicker.

7.   It helps achieve long-lasting results.

Not only do these cosmeceuticals help achieve results quicker, but the results are long-lasting as the product is not just confined to the superficial layer of the skin. The effect of the product remains on the skin for weeks and even months. On top of that, since the product contains more amount of active ingredients, you will have to use fewer daily amounts, and a bottle would last you longer.

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8.   They help in improving skin aging.

By rejuvenating the cells from within, medical skin care products help achieve glowing skin and retard the process of aging. The skin ages in a graceful manner using medicated products. Any hyperpigmentation, scar marks, wrinkles, and visible signs of aging can be corrected using medical products directed toward these issues.

9.   The products contain only beneficial ingredients.

Medical skin care developed by fryspoaims at treating skin diseases and only contains ingredients that are suitable and beneficial to the skin. These products avoid all harmful agents and warn users of potential allergens before buying.Like all cosmeceuticals, these products should have a very low-risk profile.3 

10. Medical skin care products donot stand behind false claims.

While normal skincare brands may advocate that their wrinkle creams substantially reduce wrinkles after one use, medical products do not support or stand by false claims. They are more effective than normal brands and only advocate what the product can rightly do for the skin. 

Medical skin care is more potent and useful than regular skin care. We don’t say it’s completely free from harm since a medical-grade product on the wrong skin type might have adverse effects. But all in all, medical skin care products are the way to go when treating your skin and wanting to make it free from any problem.


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