The Protocol for Reconstitution of Peptides

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Lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder form is the standard delivery method for Reconstitution of Peptides. The term “lyophilization” refers to the removal of water from a substance after it has been frozen and then put in a vacuum, enabling the ice to transform straight from a solid state into a vapor state without melting. Lyophilized peptides often form a little white “puck,” which may be fluffy or granular, depending on the formulation. Different methods of lyophilization produce lyophilized peptides that are either more fluffy (granular) or compact.

Reforming Peptides

Reconstitution, or dissolution in a liquid solution, is required before peptides use in the lab after they have been lyophilized. Unfortunately, no “one-size-fits-all” solvent can solubilize all peptides without compromising the integrity of the peptides or their compliance with biological experiments. Not all peptides can be dissolved in sterile, distilled water or normal bacteriostatic water. This impediment might force the researcher to use a trial and error strategy to dissolve the peptide in ever more powerful solvents. Precipitates formed between acetate salts and sodium chloride water are not recommended.

The degree of polarity of a peptide is the most crucial element in determining its solubility. Peptides with an acidic charge can be neutralized in a primary environment, while peptides with a basic charge can be reconstituted in an acidic environment. Peptides with a high concentration of hydrophobic or polar uncharged amino acids and neutral peptides are best dissolved in organic solvents. Several common ones are included here: acetic acid, propanol, isopropanol, and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). But remember, you only need a little bit of that organic solvent. After the peptide has been completely dissolved, the solution should be diluted with sterile water or bacteriostatic water. Precipitates formed between acetate salts and sodium chloride water are not recommended. Significantly, peptides that include methionine or free cysteine should not be dissolved in DMSO. The possibility of side-chain oxidation makes the peptide unusable in the lab.

The Protocol for Reconstitution of Peptides

Peptides are often best dissolved in solvents that can quickly evaporate during lyophilization. This step is a safety measure; researchers may repeat the lyophilization procedure if the first solvent is ineffective. As an initial step, researchers often use sterile distilled water, ordinary bacteriostatic water, or a 0.1 percent acetic acid solution to try to dissolve the peptide. When trying to dissolve a peptide, it is best practice first to determine whether or not the solvent can dissolve a sample of the peptide.

Notably, starting with sterile water (or dilute acetic acid) will enable the researcher to dry the peptide without leaving any undesirable residues in case the peptide doesn’t dissolve. After eliminating the weak solvent, the researcher may try dissolving the peptide in progressively stronger solvents.

In addition, experts should prepare a stock solution by dissolving the peptide in a sterile solvent to a concentration more significant than that needed for the experiment. It might not be easy to recover pure peptides if the assay buffer is used first and the peptide does not dissolve. The peptide, however, may be diluted further using the assay buffer if necessary.


If the peptide remains as visible particles in the solution after other attempts at dissolving it, sonication may be performed to speed up the dissolution process in the lab. Sonication does not affect the solubility of the peptide in a particular solvent; rather, it aids in dissolving clumps of solid peptide and vigorously mixing the solution. The sonication procedure should be followed by thoroughly inspecting the solution to check for cloudiness, gelling, or scum on the surface. If this is the case, the peptide is presumably suspended in the solution instead of being dissolved, and a more powerful solvent will be necessary.

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