A Parent’s Guide for Teen Depression

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Parent’s Guide for Teen Depression

It can be difficult to tell the difference between normal teenage growing pains or depression. Here are some ways to recognize signs and symptoms so you can best assist your child. Sun cloud health understands the importance of comprehensive evaluations, accurate diagnosis of the appropriate level care based upon clinical condition, building integrated care teams around the patient’s condition and creating a healing space – all designed to treat the teen depression treatment.

Understanding teen depression

Teen years can be very difficult and depression is more common than we realize. One in five teens from all walks of society will experience depression during their teen years. Although depression can be treated, many depressed teens don’t receive any help.

Is my teen depressed?

Teenage depression can be a serious problem. Teenage depression can cause more than a melancholy mood. Depression can cause a loss of personality and a feeling of despair, sadness, or anger that can lead to a complete breakdown of your teenager’s character.

Persistent negative mood. Depression is often characterized by frequent crying and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Teens with depression might not appear sad. Instead, teens with depression may display irritability and anger.

School problems. Depression can lead to low energy levels and difficulty with concentration. This can lead to low attendance at school, drop in grades or frustration with schoolwork for a previously good student.

Activity loss. You might notice a decrease in enthusiasm for hobbies and school. For example, they might quit a sport or abandon their friends.

Run away. Many teens who are depressed run away from their homes or fantasize about running away. These attempts to flee are often a cry for help.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol. Teens might use drugs or alcohol to manage their depression. Substance abuse can make things worse.

Low self-esteem. Depression can lead to feelings of shame, ugliness and unworthiness.

Smartphone addiction. Teens might use the internet to escape their problems. However, their isolation and depression only grows when they are more dependent on their smartphones.

Unscrupulous behavior. Teens who are depressed may be prone to dangerous or high-risk behavior, such as reckless driving, binge eating, and unsafe sex.

Violence. Sometimes, depressed teens (usually boys who have been bullied) can become violent and aggressive.

Sudden changes in diet and sleep habits can cause sudden changes. Teens who are depressed may sleep more than usual or experience insomnia. Your teen may be eating less or more than usual.

Although depression can be very distressing for teens and their families, there are many things you can do that will help them feel better. First, learn about teen depression and what you can do to help your child if they are experiencing it.

Parent’s Guide for Teen Depression and adults 

Depression in teenagers can be very different to depression in adults. These signs and symptoms are more common among teenagers than their adult counterparts.

Anger or irritable mood. Depressed teens are more likely to be irritable or angry than sad. Depressed teens may feel irritable, angry, frustrated, or grumpy.

Unexplained aches or pains. Depression-afflicted teens often complain of physical symptoms such as stomachaches or headaches. These aches and pains could be a sign of depression if a complete physical exam is not performed.

Extremely sensitive to criticism. Teens who are depressed feel worthless and vulnerable to rejection and criticism. This is especially true for “over-achievers.”

You can withdraw from some people, but not all. Teens are more likely to keep in touch with their friends than adults, and they tend to isolate themselves from others when they’re depressed. Teens with depression might withdraw from their parents or begin to socialize with others.


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