Weslo Exercise Bikes: There are better brands

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One thing we can say about Weslo exercise bike is that they are among the most affordable.

Cheap Bikes Below

Weslo’s upright and recumbent exercise bikes are priced from $99 to $249 with most under $200. You get 5 preset workouts and large LCD windows.

Easy mounting is made easy by the recumbents’ convenient step-through frames. Some models also have speakers and an iPod-compatible music port.

Below is a list of the many problems Weslo users experience with their exercise bikes. The cheap heart rate monitors don’t work (whenever they do), the fan is weak, the speakers are weak and tinny, the frame feels cheap, and the flywheel is loud. There are also some assembly issues, with the bolts being difficult to tighten.

What is a Weslo Exercise Bike? The Only Way to Get Anything You Want

You will find a variety of reviews about exercise bikes written by Weslo customers. Some are satisfied while others are unhappy.

The average Weslo model is $169. These bikes are very affordable by exercise bike standards. If you have to spend that much on a bike that is not reliable, $169 may be a good price.

To cover any kind of breakage, we recommend that you forgo any type of extended warranty. It’s better to buy a better bike than spend money on a Weslo.

You can see the entire line of Weslo exercise bicycles here

Weslo Exercise Bike Reviews

Weslo Pursuit R4.8 Recumbent is Weslo’s top-of the-line model. The model’s weak 90-day parts warranty is a warning sign that it is made with low quality components and a fragile frame.

Weslo Pursuit CT 38 R Recumbent – Easy assembly and remarkably quiet. This model is a good choice if you are looking for a bike to do warm-ups and physical therapy.

Weslo Pro 11.0x Recumbent is one of the best models that the company makes. It is durable enough for users up to 250 lbs, but light enough to be moved around on the transport wheels when it’s not in use.

Weslo Pro CTX Indoor Cycle- A quiet, reliable chain drive model. It is easy to assemble and a great price for a low-cost spin bike.

The Weslo Pursuit CT 1.5 Upright Weslo exercise bike – Although it sounds cheap, you’ll be disappointed when it stops working after just a few workouts.

Weslo Pursuit G2.8 Upright – Although the Weslo Pursuit G2.8 is priced at $170, we don’t recommend it for anyone under that price.

Weslo Pursuit S2.8 Upright We are not impressed by the Weslo Pursuit S2.8’s strength. It can barely support 250 lbs of maximum user weight and can withstand the intense workouts.

Benefits of recumbent Weslo Exercise Bike for seniors

A traditional bike is less attractive as we age. You can strain your knees and hips, they can be uncomfortable to ride for long periods pat walker health center of times, and they are more work than you are able to handle. However, riding a bike doesn’t have be difficult and should not be painful. You can go bike riding again with a recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bikes are great for seniors as well as the general population.

Basics of a Recumbent Bicycle

Recumbent bikes allow you to work your glutes, calves and thighs with less effort. The recumbent bike has a higher and wider seat than an upright one. Recumbent bikes are also less stressful on your joints, making them ideal for people with arthritis.

Exercise Length

Recumbent bikes are a great option for those who enjoy riding, but don’t have the time or ability to do so as often as they used to. Recumbents are more comfortable to ride because they don’t put as much strain on your joints. This allows you to ride them for longer periods of time.

Longer riding sessions have been shown to improve mental and physical health. Exercise releases natural chemicals that improve your mood. You will feel better mentally and physically if you feel that way. A recumbent bicycle can help you improve your overall health and reduce pain and suffering.


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