Price of Rain Eye Drops: Cost Comparison

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Price of Rain Eye Drops: Cost Comparison

Find out all the prices and details about Rain Eye Drops cost to decide if their preservative free drops are right for you.

Over 49 million people in the U.S. suffer from dry eyes. Rain Eye Drops is an online-based service that promises to make eye drops safe, affordable, and promptly delivered to your doorstep. Rain’s offer can be best described as “the Dollar Shave Club for eye drops” and costs as low as 50% less than other leading brands – with the opportunity of buying other vision health accessories for far below retail price. Does Rain live up to its promise? Find out in this compressive review below.

In this week’s eye care review we compare the price of Rain Eye Drops to other drops on the market today and look at their prices and overall cost. Rain Eye Drops stands out as the only eye drop company to use a direct to consumer business model. That means they cut out drug stores and other middlemen to ship directly to the people who need the eye drops most, their customers. This gives Rain several advantages over the competition.

Cost of Rain Eye Drops

The first advantage is the Rain Eye Drops cost. The price of Rain Eye Drops is often much lower than their competitors due to their innovative business model. By shipping directly to customers they avoid retail markups and can therefore pass on this savings to their customers. If you have dry eyes and need drops nearly everyday then this is great news! Now you can conveniently get Rain delivery to your door and save money every month.

Other big brands are beholden to their retail stores and the high markups that they charge to you, the customer. When you walk into your local drug store you’re not just paying for the drops. You’re paying for the store’s markup so they profit, the employees that work there stocking it, the trucks to deliver it, and the eye drop company itself who made it. Rain is obviously able to save a lot by not having a physical store or other costs so it can give you the best possible price online.

The second advantage of their business model is that they can control the costs of Rain Eye Drops. They also set their own price of Rain Eye Drops on their website. Buying big brands at the stores inevitably means higher prices. That’s because at the store you are getting something called MSRP or “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”. Stores don’t actually have to follow this price because it’s only a suggestion. This explains why you can sometimes feel ripped off at the local corner store by getting hit with high prices on items that they know you desperately need, like eye drops or other health items.

Lowest Price of Rain Eye Drops Online

By switching to Rain you are guaranteed to get the lowest Rain Eye Drops price for their products on their official website every time you order. No more paying high retail prices for items that you need or taking multiple trips to the store. Their secure online checkout will automatically give you the best savings on the items you order. Plus the price of Rain Eye Drops is always going to be consistently below retail and in stock nationwide, no matter where you live.

Based on price comparisons the average consumer stands to save about $200 a year on eye drops if they purchase them online from Rain. Other vision health products that are sold online by Rain offer even more savings. For example, to help with your overall eye health, Rain also sells Rain Eye Gummy Vitamins that are as much as 70% more affordable than other leading brands. If you factor in these different products added together with an online order then your savings can be significant.

Buying Rain Eye Drops online instead of big brand eye drops in stores can not only save your wallet but also your eye health. That’s because many of these big brands are filled with preservatives and other chemicals to give them longer shelf lives. There is no benefit to your eyes by using drops with preservatives or other chemicals. In fact, studies have shown that it can actually cause irritation and damage to your eyes over the long term. If you have dry eyes and use drops daily then it’s never been more important to know what’s going into your eyes each day.

If you haven’t tried Rain Eye Drops yet or if it’s your first time buying them online, don’t worry. Besides knowing that they have many 5 star reviews online, all of the products also come with an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. So feel free to stock up and get the best prices they offer without worrying about returning them later. You can get a full refund if you’re not happy with the drops for any reason.

Conclusion: Rain Saves You Time And Money

Rain Eye Drops also save you time by the added convenience of rush delivery to your door. All of their orders come with free rush delivery so you save time and money. Based on this comparison of Rain Eye Drops, it is our top consumer choice for the best quality eye drops and at the best possible prices. Rain is only available on their official website. They will have periodic sales and special discounts for first time buyers. Our recommendation is buying multiple bundles to get the most savings.

To find the best price for Rain you need to visit their official company website at


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