Powerbreathe Receive World Health Organisation Recommendation

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For more than a decade, POWERbreathe have been defining the practice of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) after recognising that breathing well isn’t just an issue that affects athletes, but something that can improve the health of every individual. Over the years, POWERbreathe has gained recognition from many places, including world-leading institutions, the Design Council of Great Britain and the BBC.

With breathing safely on everyone’s minds during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are searching for ways to strengthen their respiratory system. It is therefore no surprise that the World Health Organisation has recognised POWERbreathe as a key tool in the management of COVID-19. Their course on the Clinical Management of Patients with COVID-19 was developed for healthcare workers in order to provide them with crucial information necessary to give quality patient care that really makes a difference. The section on exercise and fitness states that:

“Increasing exercise and fitness can be aided by Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT). RMT can improve breathing through reducing the effort required by the body as it breathes.

Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) is facilitated through loading of inspiration, normally by using a breathing device such as a Threshold IMT or Powerbreathe.”

POWERbreathe’s multifunctional IMT training devices offer a wide range of applications that can suit people from all walks of life – from musicians to athletes to those leading a more sedentary lifestyle. IMT has clinically proven results benefitting both healthy people and patients with respiratory illnesses. The devices help to exercise the muscles we use to breathe in (the inspiratory muscles) resulting in reduced fatigue and improved stamina. Find out more about how POWERbreathe works here.

Harry Brar, Managing Director of POWERbreathe International Ltd says:

“We’re very proud that the “WHO”, as global guardian of public health, recognise POWERbreathe IMT for use in the rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19.”

POWERbreathe have over 30 years of expertise in the field of breathing muscle training, starting with the POWERbreathe Medic device being approved by the NHS for prescription in the UK, since March 2006. In fact, POWERbreathe’s evidence-based and drug-free training is being used around the world in many clinical medical situations and by patients at home for example preoperatively to improve their postoperative outcomes.

In these times of COVID-19, we are pleased to have learnt from independent research, that POWERbreathe IMT is being successfully used in ICU/Critical Care to help wean patients off ventilators thereby shortening their length of stay in hospital, as well as, being integrated within patients’ Long Covid recovery programme.”


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