Actions Considered as Clergy Sex Abuse and How They are Handled

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Actions Considered as Clergy Sex Abuse and How They are Handled

Most people who have been victims of sexual abuse by clergy members find it challenging to find themselves a lawyer to help them through the process. Clergy abuse lawyer is an experienced lawyer who helps victims of molestation and rape by Catholic priests or clergy members. Unfortunately, most of the cases handled by these lawyers are those in which children or teens are the victims. Unfortunately, many survivors of such cases always think it is too late to receive justice and undergo trauma for the better parts of their life until they are adults.

More awareness is being created to ensure that victims and survivors of such cases are empowered and strengthened to go and fight for their justice. Hiring a clergy abuse attorney can help with this and help society keep a check and ensure predators learn.

What is considered as Clergy Sex Abuse

Clergy sex abuse is defined as any abuse of a child of any sexual nature and perpetrated by a Catholic member. Bishops, priests, deacons and monsignors, brothers, cardinals, and nuns are grouped under the clergy. Most cases of child abuse that happen under the catholic church are considered clergy sex abuse even if the sex offender is not a clergy member. The abuse categories considered can be physical or psychological because children cannot be able to give consent to any sexual activity. Below are some of the actions considered as sexual abuse to a minor:

  • Sex trafficking
  • Intercourse
  • Exposing oneself to a minor
  • Any sex with a minor
  • Obscene calls, texts, or digital communication with a minor.
  • Fondling
  • Masturbating in front of a minor.
  • Any other sexual act that harms a child mentally, physically, or emotionally.

The Process of Hiring  a Clergy Sexual Lawyer

The first step involves identifying a law firm or staff who can handle the case and contact them online, text or call. This process consists of reporting a case of catholic clergy molestation. This call aims to collect all the relevant information regarding the abuse, provide the offender’s name for identification, and gather the client’s details for further communication regarding the case. The second stage includes an investigation done in relation to the information provided by the victim. Next, the lawyers are involved in a comprehensive analysis of the laws on such issues and establish whether they can represent you. The paperwork is also done and sent to the client. Finally, the third last step is the settlement from the catholic church. This point is usually upon the client to decide whether they will proceed with the case or pick from the provided choices what they will do. Some cases typically end with financial compensation for the victims.


The sexual abuse cases by Catholic clergy members have rapidly grown. The perpetrators of such actions manage to hide behind the church’s safety and trustworthiness to its members. One challenge faced is that such cases are rarely discussed in public, and a victim may not know how to handle the scenario. Clergy sex abuse attorneys are available for victims of such cases and can help them get settlement or compensation in the account of such situations.


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