Everything Breast Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Areola Tattoos

Everything Breast Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Areola Tattoos

Breast cancer isn’t just devastating because it claims thousands of lives every year and threatens the quality of one’s life, but even many survivors have to deal with its aftermath. When women have to have breast surgery to remove cancerous tumors, they are often left with deformities caused by surgical scars. In many cases the breast volume is left intact, but the areola can lose its pigmentation or become ill-shaped. This is why a medical micropigmentation specialist that does areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors is such an ideal option that enables women to look amazing, have sexual confidence, and really just feel completely good about themselves.

Areola Tattoos VS Plastic Surgery

If women are left with deformed areolas from life-saving cancer surgery, they have two main options to restore the natural beauty of their breasts: plastic surgery or an areola tattoo. Both procedures are permanent, but there are two main differences: cost and recovery time. To create a nipple and areola, a plastic surgeon will cut skin from around the breast where the new nipple will be located. This will require incisions to be made and forming the tissue into the shape of a nipple. Then a layer of skin that will be the areola is manipulated to take on a slightly different texture, and skin dye is added to give the desired shade. The procedure costs several thousands of dollars, and recovery time is a few weeks with moderate pain. Usually the patient is given a prescribed painkiller, and is not able to do any physical activities or lift anything heavier than a few pounds.

When one gets an areola tattoo there is no pain, no recovery time, and the cost is significantly less. In fact, if your areola tattoo is performed by a true specialist, it will look identical to the real thing.

How are Areola Tattoos Done?

Areola tattoos are given the same way general tattoos are applied. Ink is deposited under the skin to garner a permanent image, and just like tattoos, the better the artist, the more realistic and detailed the look. The areola image is permanent, and particularly detailed containing feathering and blending to give a natural look. Patients who get areola tattoos don’t have to deal with any down time or pain; they can resume life as normal right away, so long as no additional procedures were performed, such as breast implants. Typical tattoo care will be required–you will need to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage to the areola. Then, after 24 hours, remove the bandage and gently wash the areola with an antimicrobial soap, wash the soap off with water, and pat-dry the area. Then you will apply a layer of Vaseline or an antibacterial ointment twice a day to the area, but will not need to bandage it as it needs to be exposed to fresh air.

What is Areola Repigmentation?

Areola tattoos go hand-in-hand with areola repigmentation; in fact, they are the same thing. Areola repigmentation is a niche area of cosmetic medicine requiring advanced training, education, and lots of practice. Areola repigmentation improves the appearance of breasts and boosts a woman’s self esteem, as well as men who require areola tattoos. Areola repigmentation methods form the semblance of an areola after reconstructive breast surgery, or after an invasive surgery to remove a tumor. Areola repigmentation can minimize and even mask scrs, and restore the breast to have a natural-looking areola of the right shape and color.

Are Areola Tattoos Your Best Option?

If you have had a breast surgery that altered the appearance of your areola area, and the look of your breast has impacted your self esteem and confidence, then you will want to correct the damage that was inflicted. If you want to avoid paying for expensive plastic surgery bills, have little to no pain, and not have to deal with the recovery and down time, then having areola tattoos applied by a professional is likely going to be your best option. You deserve to look and feel amazing for the rest of your life. Go get a consultation, further explore areola tattoos, and begin the journey towards a more confident and happy you.