The successful team behind the Twelve Transfers brand of private transfers now opened a branch in Miami. See 7 reasons why you should book your next transfer with us.


After almost 7 years in the private transportation industry and dozens of thousands of bookings processed for customers from all around the world, the team behind Twelve Transfers decided to bring the same level of know how and expertise also to the Miami, US customers.

There’s no surprise that the private transfer industry is on the rise, as luxurious and convenient alternatives to public transportation and along side with the ride sharing and car transfer apps completes transportation methods that are easily accessible, within reach and easy to book online.

Thanks to tech advancements, there are plenty of ways to quickly check the price estimates for you private transfer before you decide whether or not to go private of public. For example, if you are planning your trip within Miami (or even the entire Florida state) with just a few clicks on you can see the price estimate, in car options you might choose to have, any intermediate stops, extra waiting time and so much more. Literally within 30 to 45 seconds you can get the initial price for your trip, as a rough estimate.

It is useful to know the following details before you decide what kind of transportation should you choose, regardless of the country or transportation method.

Before you decide on the transportation type, keep in mind that there are some factors that might favor public vs. private, or vice versa, by air, etc.

Things like what kind of traveller type you are (travel solo, with friends, with family, couples, or business travel), the default language of the country/city you travel in, the season as in time of the year and the potential overlap with the local events like music festivals, city celebrations, etc.

In Miami, for example, if you happen to travel in groups or with a bigger family in May, and you overlap your stay with the International Orchid Festival (largest festival related to orchid world wide) most likely you will find that the public transportation will be more crowded than you expected, the prices for the accommodation will be higher, flight tickets will probably be more expensive and so on.

Pre-booking your private transfer with a few weeks in advance with Twelve Transfer will allow you to have better pricing, peace of mind and our helpful & skilled transfer account managers will advise you regarding the perfect route based on your objectives, timing suggestions and all the fine details that might seem minor but can have a lasting impact on the overall experience you will have in Miami.

From top CEOs to frequent travellers, families and couples that choose to travel in style and comfort, we have the experience of successfully delivering happiness to all of them.

Book your transfer with Twelve Transfers and enjoy the ride and the city vibe.

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