What’s the difference between Person and also Foundational supplement?

Specific Supplement procedures are specific to every specific persistent disease.

Foundational supplements are various from specific supplement methods since they are useful for any individual– no matter the problem.

Example of Individual Supplement protocols

I have a kind of Dysautonomia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome ( likewise called POTS or POTS Disorder). Generally, this implies my nerve system does not operate properly, which causes a variety of health and health problems. With a damaged immune system like mine, Anthony William advises particular supplements as well as foods that help heal a nervous system. To see the exact supplement method he recommends click on this link.

In this article I am only going to cover the suggested foundational supplement. Below, I linked the supplement he recommends, and also the ones that I have been taking control of in 2014.


Vitamin B-12.


Nettle fallen leaves.

DHA/EPA– Make sure it is plant based.

Probiotics– (A non-dairy, time-released probiotic).

Spirulina– What are the benefits of Spirulina?

He says “Spirulina is often a much better selection than a normal multivitamin since it’s rich in bio-available nutrients. It is likewise one of the five key ingredients to assist relieve heavy metal poisoning.”.

AVOID THESE CONTENTS When Selecting  supplement.


All-natural Flavors.

Citric Acid.

Bovine By-products.

Whey Protein.

My experience with the Medical Medium supplement

After 3 months of following his recommendations I started seeing enhancements (see what took place below). While it has actually been up and down, the majority of my most significant concerns are gone. For me, it has 100% deserved it.

Have you attempted any one of the Medical Medium  supplements? If so, did you feel it made a difference in your health and health?