What Is Betterhelp?

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Betterhelp is one of the leading online platforms offering mental health counseling and therapy services for all kinds of individuals suffering from mental health conditions and needing guidance. What’s great about Betterhelp is its accessibility: no appointments must be scheduled with doctors’ offices and waiting lines avoided; all information and counseling services can be reached any time and any place – perfect if getting up becomes a struggle! This service makes getting help much simpler when depression hits!

Betterhelp canada review offers access to over 1800 licensed therapists online with just the click of an icon, ensuring its clients receive top quality assistance by connecting with expert counselors and therapists who know exactly what needs doing for their success. Betterhelp has conducted over 70 million sessions on their platform! Betterhelp understands their clients’ demands, providing therapy-related services online rather than only at physical locations. In today’s fast-paced society where rules change quickly and challenges loom ahead of us all, having therapy services available immediately online and at our fingertips has become more than an expectation – we simply do not have time!

BetterHelp offers a single subscription that provides weekly video telephone or live texting sessions of 30-45 minutes duration, or live texting sessions for 30-45 minutes each time. In between appointments you may contact your therapist anytime within 24 hours and they usually respond within an hour or two. In addition, BetterHelp’s subscription also gives access to their journaling tool as well as group webinars; although currently they do not prescribe medications nor accept insurance.

BetterHelp’s therapy subscription includes:

  • An hour and 45-minute weekly text, phone and video session.
  • Communication or talk time with a therapist at any moment (responses are likely to come at least daily).
  • An app-based journal which you can keep private or share with therapists.
  • Group webinars that you can attend cover topics like depression, anxiety and stress management.

Pros & Cons of BetterHelp

BetterHelp provides online therapy services in all US states and internationally at an affordable cost-of-service compared to in-person therapy sessions, but unfortunately do not accept insurance nor provide medication management; additionally they only offer one subscription option.


  • Therapy services are readily available throughout the United States and worldwide.
  • Low cost subscription therapy subscriptions


  • Does not accept insurance
  • No medication management available
  • Only one subscription option

How Much Does BetterHelp Cost?

BetterHelp’s cost ranges between $240-$360 monthly (marketed as $60-$90 weekly), depending on your location and availability of therapists.

BetterHelp’s therapy subscription includes:

One-on-one live 30- or 45-minute weekly video text phone or video sessions.

At any point in time, you have access to your therapy and can speak directly with them; responses must be given at least daily.

Your App offers you a private journal which you can keep for yourself or share with a Therapist.

Group webinars on topics like depression, stress and anxiety are available.

All former BetterHelp clients could be eligible for an ongoing maintenance plan costing $200 a month (marketed at $50/week). This plan includes video, text audio and audio messages from your therapist as well as one hour-long live chat sessions; additional live sessions can be purchased for $80 each session.

BetterHelp offers one of the many advantages to its subscribers by allowing them to login to their client settings after paying for one month subscription and explore alternative payments – from weekly or monthly through app or website payments, all available.

BetterHelp Extra Features

There are two extra features of BetterHelp available to users; Journal and Groupinars.

“Journal” provides you with ideas for journal prompts, with options to shuffle or view all. Choose your prompt from categories like depression/anxiety/relationship issues/general suggestions to start writing your entry in your own personal journal. Once you find one you like, name and begin entering information – these journals allow you to keep them private or share with a therapy provider as desired.

Use your journal as an open writing journal. Don’t feel limited by following prompts in it – you can also use this as an opportunity for free expression!

“Groupinars” are webinars you can participate in via the app, covering a range of mental health subjects from relationships and trauma recovery, anxiety management and building skills. Each topic will give details such as name of group session date time topic overview; click “more info” then register your attendance to your first Groupinar!


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