What does tummy tuck surgery involve?

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The specifics of this will be discussed with you throughout a consultation. She’ll advise you if you’re suitable for cleanliness only, mini-abdominoplasty using a brief scar, shortness, prolonged abdominoplasty or, actually, an entire body-lift.

Abdominoplasty entails the majority of the skin involving the pubic hair along with the belly button has been eliminated within an ellipse. The skin above the belly button, on the front part of the stomach, is raised up so it may be elongated to close the wound. The scar is generally approximately 40 cm. The muscle of your rectus, i.e. your six-pack might have to be stitched together in precisely the exact same moment. The belly button is attached to the muscles of the stomach wall and then stitched back into its initial position.

Can tummy tuck operation be carried out at the exact same time as the other operation I want?

Many women have a tummy tuck by themselves or combine it with additional cosmetic and plastic surgery like a breast reduction or breast lift. Often these girls have had kids and are eager to “tidy-up” their own bodies following the rigours of pregnancy also have taken their toll. Tummy tuck Auckland is a significant cosmetic procedure done to enhance the shape and contour of the abdomen.

Additionally, there are many women who mix a tummy tuck (and other plastic surgical operations) using gynaecological surgeries like hysterectomy or surgeries to ease incontinence. This is getting increasingly more prevalent as patients perceive that this is completely feasible frequently happens. Mixing gynaecological and plastic surgical operations often works well as our patients have just one recovery interval to handle. Our patients often tell us their tummy tuck is your”cure” they look ahead to following having surgery that is necessary.

Your gynaecologist will tell you if your gynaecological surgery is appropriate to be performed together with a tummy tuck, rather, probably be pleased to refer you to a gynaecologist who works at the very same times. As soon as you’ve opted to have a tummy tuck within a joint surgical process, we’ll work together with your other physician to discover a suitable date at which the two surgeons may attend.

Where is the surgery performed?

She can mark-up your stomach and might mark up your buttocks if waxing is necessary. You’ll be taken to theatre and possess a general anaesthetic with a skilled anaesthetist. The surgery takes about two hours. You will wake up from the recovery Ward using a brand new, flatter abdomen. You may have two drains existing. Your stay in hospital will last 1-2 days.

What are the risks of abdominoplasty surgery?

The risks of surgery are too high if you smoke. You need to quit smoking three or more weeks before the operation and continue not smoking for 3 weeks following the operation.

There’s a small danger of returning to the theatre on the same day of your surgery for bleeding. That is uncommon. There’s also a small risk of skin loss on the stomach wall. As with any surgery, there’s a small risk of disease.

After surgery, your stomach might be simmer for six months approximately. Care has to be taken to not use a hot water bottle to the stomach until now that regular sense has returned. The scar from abdominoplasty has a propensity to stretch.

How long will I need off work?

Many men and women return to work, or to looking after their kids, following fourteen days. For those who have heavy manual tasks, a longer duration will be required. You may start walking and mild exercise the first couple of weeks following surgery but shouldn’t try a vigorous exercise for fourteen days. In case you’ve had a muscle repair, heavy lifting ought to be avoided for 2-3 weeks.


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