Body Saw Exercise Guide: How To, Benefits, Variations and Tips?

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It’s easy to get stuck in the same old abs routine when it comes to training. You can do endless sets of planks, oblique crunches and sit-ups. These body saw exercise are effective and can be used to strengthen your core. If you have been training for over a few years, you will likely have done thousands of these moves.

  • Repeating the same thing over again is a sure way to get into a workout rut.
  • The famous body saw exercise is a great exercise to revive your core.

What is the Body Saw Exercise and How Does It Work?

The body saw is a core exercise that can be done to increase your body weight. It’s simple and effective. Although it looks a lot like a plank lafene health center you have been given a high dose of caffeine and creatine to make it even more effective. This exercise is a shock to your body if you’re used to holding a plank for only a few minutes. It stimulates new muscle growth, and increases strength.

Like the plank, the body saw is an anti-extension core exercise. This means that you won’t move much but that you will still need to work hard to keep your position.

How does the Body Saw Exercise affect your muscles?

The body saw exercise, which is similar to planks works almost every muscle in what experts refer to as your core. Your core is basically your entire midsection. Your core is made up of the following muscles:

Rectus abdominis – This muscle is located on the front end of your abdomen and creates the famous six-pack shape. Although its main function is to flex your spine, it also plays an important role in lateral flexion.

Transverse abdominis (or transverse abdominis): This deep core muscle encircles internal organs, much like a corset. This muscle, also known as TVA, supports your spine by increasing intra-abdominal tension (or IAP).

How Do You Perform the Body Saw Exercise?

Although the body saw exercise may seem simple, it is not difficult. Even if you’re a skilled “planker,” you might find it challenging. The good news? This exercise can be modified to suit any level of core strength, from beginner to extremely advanced.

How Do You Exercise Your Body Saw?

Place your feet on a flat surface and then get into the plank position. Your body should be straight, with your weight on your forearms and toes.

To allow your feet to slide, place them on a towel. A glider pad can be used. You can also take off your shoes and train in your socks.

Your abs, glutes and quads should be braced. Instead of holding your breath, take shallow, diaphragmatic inhalations.


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