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What Are SARMS And Where Can You Buy Them

What Are SARMS And Where Can You Buy Them

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or more commonly known SARMs have seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years.

Due to more information coming out regarding the benefits of SARMs it’s clear to see why people are jumping on the bandwagon.

What are SARMs

SARMs are categorised as a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar anabolic properties to anabolic steroids, but with heavily reduced androgenic properties.

This means, unlike anabolic steroids, SARMs will bind to androgen receptors, depending on the specific SARMs you take, they will bind to different tissues all over the body. This helps to avoid unwanted side effects such as affecting your skin or liver.

Scientifically proven to enhance muscle growth by stimulating tissue development and strengthening bones, SARMs are currently being investigated as clinical treatment for muscle wasting diseases such as, heart failure, liver disease, osteoporosis, cancer and HIV.

Sounds good right? Well let’s dig a little deeper into the different types of SARMs available.

 Types of SARM

There are actually many different types of SARMs you can take. Each one provides  a variety of benefits, it’s worth investigating each SARM to see exactly what benefits you’ll get from using them. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below:

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)

The strength builder. One of, if not the strongest SARM, in terms of the size you can gain. Studies have claimed serious increase in muscle mass, bone density and sex drive, all without damaging your liver tissue or prostate. This SARM works by tying androgen receptors selectively, it shows anabolic activity in the muscles and bones, instead of harming the sebaceous glands and prostate.

Maintain MK-2866

Creating an anabolic effect on muscle tissue, providing healing properties helping recover faster. MK-2866 has a particular benefit on muscle tissue. Not only will it aid recovery, it also helps reduce muscle waste and potentially reduces degeneration during recovery times from serious injuries / surgery.

RAD140 (Testolone)

Medically designed to replace testosterone in the body, allowing it to react the same way it would to a healthy dose of hormones, without the side effects.  Perfect for increasing lean muscle tissue and aid fat loss. RAD140 is the perfect SARM for bodybuilders and any athletes looking to pack on some lean muscle whilst shredding fat.

It’s also ideal to help cut weight, by promoting the loss of body fat whilst preserving muscle tissue thanks to its anti-catabolic properties.

Melt SR-9009

Often dubbed ‘exercise in a bottle’, stenabolic has an effect on the body that makes it respond as though it’s in a constant state of exercise. This helps to increase your basal metabolic rate, burning more calories and enhancing fat loss. Studies have shown it does this without affecting the central nervous system, which is essential for athletic performance. Binding to proteins and creating an increase in the mitochondria, this helps to drastically increase metabolism whilst eliminating damaged mitochondria, replacing them with new ones.


Originally developed to help patients increase bone mineral density and muscle mass. MK-677 has been proven to increase and help the release of plasma levels, including GH and insulin like growth factor for up to 24 hours. Not only will it help develop muscle mass, it will also help alter your metabolism of body fat and it will also help improve sleep.

You can check these and a bunch of other SARMs out at UKSarms website.

Which SARM should I choose?

It can be a hard decision when deciding which SARM to try out. We have categorised some below that may help you make your decision:

Strength – Looking for that little bit of extra oomph? Building strength takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work. It can be really frustrating at times, especially if your diet is off for a few days, you just feel sapped of strength and energy.

Boosting recovery time and development of fast twitch muscle fibres is something that you’ll find in. It can really help give you that little bit of extra push when you need it. By speeding up recovery you’ll be back in the gym faster, muscles will repair quicker, enhancing growth and performance.

Muscle – The most popular search we could find for SARMs was to do with muscle growth. Excellent for developing muscle and tissue growth, SARMs and size seemingly go hand in hand. We’re actually really impressed with some of the results we’ve seen. You can simply just check out a few videos on youtube with people showing the results they’ve had with SARMs.

Our recommended SARM for muscle growth is

Endurance – One of the key weapons for any sports person or athlete is endurance. If your endurance isn’t up to scratch, you’re not making it to the top. Taking years to develop and grow. Endurance requires hard work and actually plenty of rest. With improved endurance you’ll actually start to notice gains quicker than before. You’re able to push your body harder and further than you ever have.  The perfect SARM for assisting your endurance is

SARMs Vs Steroids

The big question you’ve all been waiting for. What are the main differences? Why choose SARMs over steroids, or why choose them at all.

The main benefit of choosing SARMs over steroids is the reduced long term health issues. In all honesty steroids are a problem, with so little information available about the long term health problems, people who are potentially looking into steroids are likely to brush off a few side effects for the gains they’ve been dreaming of.

This problem will come to haunt them in later life.

Hair loss – One of the most common side effects for using steroids is hair loss . Not ideal if you’re going for that aesthetic look, hey, maybe you can just wear a hat right? Or if you can pull off the bald look then go for it!

Acne – Better known as bacne. I’m speaking from experience when I say I had pretty bad acne as a kid. It’s not nice, it looks bad and just feels horrible. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have a whole back full of acne.

Reproductive system – Abusing steroids can lead to major health issues, one of the worst, especially for younger athletes is the damage that can be done to your reproductive system.

Mood swings – More associated with tren, mood swings are a common occurrence. This can have a serious detrimental effect on your social circle. Yes everyone has good and bad days, but we’re talking about bad bad days.

From all of the studies we have investigated, SARMs seem to avoid if not significantly reduce the chances of any of these side effects. If you’re really set on going for steroids, it’s probably worth seriously looking into SARMs first before committing yourself to these long term effects.

SARMs In Sport

One question we had to delve into was the use of SARMs for amateur / professional  athletes.

SARMs are banned for use in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This means if you’re a competitive athlete it’s best to stay away from taking these supplements.

With all kinds of benefits shown in many studies, it’s clear to see why they are banned as they will help to increase performance, especially in sport.

For casual athletes  looking to breakthrough barriers, taking anabolic steroids can seem a tempting choice.

Where can I buy SARMs

With a huge variety of suppliers now stocking SARMs online. It’s paramount that you choose the right retailer with a trusted reputation, especially when you are taking any form of supplements. We have worked with before and UKSarms would be one of our recommended suppliers.

Available at a great price, with a trusted background they have been providing top quality SARMs for a long time.

Certified Quality: UKSarms actually test their SARMs every month before compounding to ensure the highest quality, consistently. It’s honestly hard to find a company with such a good reputation with excellent reviews in this industry. 

You can check out their Purity reports here.

Do you need post cycle therapy? 

Whilst not directly needed, post cycle therapy is a good habit to get into. Refuelling the body after a gruelling training period is a good time to ensure your pathways are all activated during cardiovascular exercise.

Using Shred GW-501516 is a great way to do this. Originally developed to help treat obesity and other metabolic diseases, studies have shown an uptake in this SARM will help burn fat instead of sugars / muscle tissue.

This is done incredibly without dropping blood sugar levels. Completely stimulant free, this has been shown to increase intensity during exercise and extend sessions.

Still not sure?

As always we would highly recommend doing your own research before delving into a purchase. You need to assess your current sporting situation, your future goals.

What do you actually want to gain from taking SARMs, is it strength? Muscle or Endurance. These are all important factors to look at before making your first purchase. Hopefully we have answered all of your questions, if not feel free to shoot us an email and we will be happy to help you out.