Simple Tips to Make Your Weekly Meal Prep Easier

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Spend more quality time with your family by prepping meals, snacks and lunches ahead of time. Prepstart Lifestyle provides Meal Prep in Killeen TX at an affordable price point so that everyone can benefit. Whether you are an experienced cook or just starting out on the journey towards healthier living, we have some helpful tips to make meal prepping easier.

Take into account the individual preferences of everyone in your family when making decisions.

No need to eat the same thing every night for a week! Make a large batch of soup or stew and stock your fridge with various vegetables, grains, proteins and salad dressings. If this is your preference then prepare some basic ingredients in advance to create your weekly meal prep spread. Alternatively, prepare one large main dish plus healthy snacks like granola bars.

Be mindful of ingredient overlap when selecting recipes.

When selecting recipes for the week, look for ingredients that are similar and make them together in the same batch. Making more quinoa than needed for two other recipes allows you to get more bang for your buck.

Accept the Bowl.

Looking for a recipe for successful meal preparation? Start with one or two vegetables, one starchy carb and one protein. This combination will keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady while creating delicious grain bowls – you’re now all set!

You can save yourself plenty of prep time.

Plan ahead for your meal prep. Are you going out to a birthday dinner Tuesday and business lunch Thursday? When creating your shopping list, take into account these meals. Tip: It helps to write everything down so everything is easy to remember later.

Create a shopping list.

After selecting the recipes you want to try, make a comprehensive shopping list. Before heading off to the grocery store, be sure to check your pantry and fridge for items necessary for each recipe.

Invest in Quality Storage Containers

When it comes to food storage, there are plenty of options. Mason jars work great for soups and salads; make sure your containers are both functional and attractive; beautiful food will add an extra layer of enjoyment during meal prep and eating!

Keep Your Refrigerator Organized

Stay organized in the kitchen by keeping your fridge organized. To organize all your pre-prepared food, create a system. Produce first and protein last; remember the principle of first in, first out. Move the items you will eat first to the front along with fresh or roasted vegetables. Store later-used items or proteins at the back of your fridge.

You have the capacity to think outside the box.

Meal prepping is the practice of prepping large quantities of ingredients in advance for use throughout the week, saving you from having to purchase ingredients individually each day. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents your taste buds from getting bored with eating the same roasted potatoes, barley or beans every day. Stock up on fresh herbs, spices and nuts as well as sauces and other components that will keep your meals exciting and different each time.


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