Fitness and Exercise

What’s it really like to be a clinical exercise physiologist?

If you enjoy helping individuals, rely on the benefits of exercise as well as wish to have a job that includes selection and also a couple of difficulties, after that an occupation as a clinical  exercise physiologist might be for you.

Yet allow me to be clear– an exercise physiologist is not an individual instructor or a physiotherapist. An approved exercise physiologist (AEP) is an allied health and wellness professional that is an expert in exercise as well as motion for the prevention as well as management of chronic illness as well as injuries.

What does a typical day look like for an exercise physiologist?

‘ Remaining in the private sector, my patients can differ substantially from hr to hr which offers my office with a dynamic, amazing and ever-changing landscape.

‘ For example, one minute I can be seeing a 90-year-old osteoporotic girl, the following could be with a high-level triathlete managing his Achilles tendinopathy, while rounding off with a presentation to a neighborhood osteopathic center on the advantages of exercise physiology.

What are the best parts and challenges?

Ben loves dealing with people each day to help them relocate much better and also feel far better and also it makes him feel specifically excellent when individuals reveal their genuine appreciation for his work. ‘It clearly can be life-altering for many individuals,’ he claims. But with the excellent likewise comes a few challenges:

‘ Starting in private practice is hard. You need to network well as well as educate General practitioners, other allied wellness specialists and also the public on the role an AEP plays. There are numerous lengthy days and also overdue job originally throughout this stage which can be challenging, yet the results and positives that appear of this are well worth it

What’s the difference between a physiotherapist and a clinical exercise physiologist?

Ben is usually asked this concern and has a well-versed ‘elevator-pitch’:.

‘ Physio therapists are experts at diagnosis, dealing with and also managing intense injuries or severe flare-ups using hand-operated treatment along with intense exercise prescription. An accredited exercise physiologist specialises in chronic illness or injury management by suggesting exercise to assist/improve that patient’s administration of their chronic condition. The more clearly we identify each other’s role, the better the functioning partnership comes to be.’.

What skills do you need to succeed as an exercise physiologist?

Coming from a private practice sight point, Ben states wonderful individuals abilities as well as the ability to network is essential.

Technical knowledge of pathologies within an exercise physiology extent and also exercise prescription guidelines is offered.

Good communication abilities are also vital as you will require to discuss to the ordinary individual WHY they require to exercise more specifically connecting to their problem, he says.

Organisational skills are crucial, as there is a lot of work in the programming and activity planning for each client properly using an evidence-based approach. As well as it does without claiming that high motivation and also passion to be successful will be useful.

Is there much scope and diversity in the industry?

There is massive scope as an recognized exercise physiologist, Ben claims. Industries or organisations that consist of exercise physiologist duties:.

public and private hospitals settings

primary, secondary and tertiary health care

within private and multidisciplinary clinics

population health

workplace health and rehabilitation

ageing and aged care

fitness centres, gymnasiums, business

sporting clubs