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Is Online Therapy Worth It?

The Inside Scoop – Online Therapy

I did my initial online treatment session for a customer on Skype a Couple decades back, once I moved out of Boulder, Colorado to Portland, Oregon. I had not discovered a professional in Portland however and really wanted some support. As I worked with my therapist, I understood that we could achieve the exact same work together as we’d have in person – much to my skepticism. A couple sound blips and momentary display freezes aside, I got everything I needed.

As a therapist, it dawned to me, like it or not, this web-based recovery will be large. Since its part of my existing clinic, I needed to outline exactly what I need to be pros and cons of using internet treatment now, in hopes of encouraging potential new customers along their paths.


The biggest advantage of Internet treatment to me personally is that the two Professional and customer have the chance to work in a setting of their own choice. This affords the consumer to feel relaxed and comfortable, which, in turn, may result in more openness, and so, more outcomes.

Second is that online therapy is often less expensive.

Third, and possibly most important, online treatment allows Individuals who would not normally put themselves in a workplace setting to acquire valuable support. This is getting increasingly more important every day, in my view, as our world becomes more reliant on technology to link us.


Amount of individual contact – so are we arming ourselves from Deeper touch in connection by looking for support? For a lot of, the closeness created from the therapeutic relationship is the most important in their own lives. This is both a boon and a curse, depending on the way the therapist and client work to incorporate the expansion in their familiarity to the customer’s life. Among those longest-standing criticisms of human treatment is that a lot of this work that takes place in the workplace between therapist and client is significantly less (or non) transferable to the “outside world” So, a lot of us are interested about this perspective concerning internet treatment, as it might, for a few, farther the closeness gap.

Technology mistakes – Audio/Video/Internet limitations can’t only result in disruption and annoyance of individual periods, but may be potentially detrimental for customers in crisis. Because of this, I urge clients that are in most immediate need of service, to place themselves in a situation where tech isn’t a limiting factor!

Overall, I think the development of Internet treatment and Training tools will increase the quality of service and personal development on a cultural level. I’d encourage anybody who’s interested in pursuing counselling or training with internet method to navigate many professionals’ sites, request a telephone conversation, and ask to see documentation before committing to this job.