Here are some things to look for when buying exercise sliders

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Material for Exercise Sliders

It is important to choose the right surface for sliding. Hardwood floors? Carpet? Carpet? All of this must be considered. A sturdy plastic side will work well on textured surfaces, while a foam side is more suited for hard surfaces.

Comfort Exercise Sliders

You want the slider to feel comfortable, no matter what type you choose. This could be a slider that is stiffer, more flexible or has extra foam padding to make it more comfortable. For a better grip, choose sliders with raised nubs or traditional smooth exercise sliders if you find the uneven surface distracting. Your slider experience will be defined by the details.


These rounded discs typically measure 7 inches in diameter. The shape of the discs (oval, triangle, or hexagonal), will affect how big they are. Whatever size you choose to use, make sure your feet and hands fit comfortably on the disc.

How Can I Use Exercise Sliders?

Although using exercise sliders is easy, it can be difficult to perform exercises with them. Place them on the desired surface and place your hand or foot on each slider. If you are doing unilateral exercises, only one slider is needed. Then move them around to complete the exercise.

For What Exercises Can Exercise Sliders Be Used?

This tool can be used for everything, from basic moves such as lateral lunges or reverse lunges to more complex exercises such as atomic push-ups and single-leg mountain climbers and single-leg hamstring curls.

What Other Options Are There For Exercise Sliders?

Don’t fret if you don’t want to spend a lot on yet another exercise device. You probably already have a lot of items at home that could double as exercise sliders. Do you work out on hardwood floors You can use a pair or socks, a dish towel or a hand towel or paper towels to work out on hardwood floors. Paper plates are a good alternative if carpets appeal to you.

Why Trust Very Well Fit?

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