Four Tips For Creating Healthy Habits

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Are you concerned about your appearance? Unable to fasten your favorite jeans or concerned about gaining more weight? You are not alone, we all want to lose a bit of weight. Many of us also want to add a little lean muscle and have the ability to climb stairs with ease. The thing is, for many of us, we may be going about it the wrong way.

 Change Your Focus

Stop focusing on tight jeans, your reflection in the mirror, your heart rate or blood pressure. Shift your focus to creating and living a healthy lifestyle. The rest will fall into place. Develop and live a healthy lifestyle centered around “clean” food. Engage in moderate exercise as a minimum and take small steps to make yourself feel good by becoming happy, healthy and self confident.

 Choose Healthy Goals

Before you change your lifestyle and replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, you must first identify the problem areas. Why are your pants tight? Too many ‘bad foods’? Why are you short of breath? Too little exercise, or too many cigarettes? Identify the cause and effect – identify the problem and alter or eliminate the cause.

Chances are that if you are out of breath from running up the stairs, it is because you are not getting enough exercise. Make it your goal to start with moderate exercise. Only walking 1 brisk mile 3 times a week would be enough.


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