5 Benefits of Physical Therapy to Your Muscles and Ligaments

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Let’s face it, accidents happen all the time, and physical therapy is presumably the best natural weapon against most medical conditions and pain. It’s effective for treating muscle injuries and skeletal systems and helps prevent future injuries. Physical therapy is used to relieve pain in athletes and many other patients and is associated with numerous gains.

Who qualifies for physical therapy sessions?

Physical therapists at Gaon Wellness clinic always perform certain tests to determine your eligibility for treatment. The screening includes posture evaluation movement, flexibility, and muscle/ joint motion. You’ll then receive physical therapy intervention based on the diagnosis. Still, the therapist will guide you on simple exercises that you can do at home.

Physical therapy treats various conditions, and you qualify for the treatment if you suffer from;

  • Sport injuries
  • Women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Cardiopulmonary conditions
  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction- For example, back pain, cuff tears, and joint disorders.
  • Stroke
  • Spinal code injuries
  • Pediatric conditions, for example, developmental delays and cerebral palsy.

What are the benefits of physical therapy for severe muscle and ligament injuries?

  1. Pain relief

A physical therapist examines all patients to determine the most suitable treatment plan. It involves therapeutic exercise and techniques like soft tissue mobilization and treatments such as electrical stimulation, taping, and ultrasound to manage pain, restore muscle function, and prevent disability. The therapy also prevents recurrent pain in your muscle and joints, thus improving your mobility.

  1. Accelerates recovery& Prevents sports injuries

All sports are associated with a risk for injuries. The therapy sessions factor in different sports that can raise your risk for certain injuries. These are, for instance, stress fractures and ankle sprains in distance runners. Moreover, it helps restore strength in your joints and muscles, making it easier to manage the pain. This way, you recover with ease and prevent future injuries.

  1. Improves mobility

Physical therapy can restore mobility, enhance coordination and balance and ease walking. It’s beneficial to patients of all ages with walking difficulties. The stretching and strengthening exercises involved in physical therapy sessions help relax your muscles and ease movement. What’s more? The therapist can customize your treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

  1. Improves balance

Physical therapy involves screening for the risk for falls. The physical therapist will recommend safe exercises that challenge your balance and promote body coordination. The therapy also ensures safe assistive devices to support safer walking for patients with a high risk of falls. That’s not all! Physical therapy helps with vestibular system issues and will help restore proper functioning and eliminate any dizziness symptoms.

  1. Avoids the likelihood of a surgery

Physical therapy is effective for joint and muscle joint pains. If the sessions help you manage the pain, surgery may not be a viable option. If you still require surgery, you go into it in better shape and will likely recover faster.

The bottom line

Physical therapy has for long been used to alleviate joint and muscle pains. It’s less intrusive, and most health professionals use it before recommending surgery. If you’re experiencing joint issues, talk to your doctor about physical therapy sessions, and continue with other regular exercises for an improved lifestyle.


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