How to land your first job as a practical nurse

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A career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a great choice if you are looking for stability in your job and personal fulfillment. LPNs don’t need to spend years studying to be one. You can choose from a variety of one- or two-year programs to become a LPN. There is a lot of demand for LPNs in the job market.

LPNs are highly sought after, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be in demand. Here are six tips that will help you find a job as an LPN.

1. Make a great resume

It is essential to have a good resume in order to make a first impression. This is what will get you in the door. Even if you have little or no experience, you can still create a great resume. You shouldn’t use the same resume for every LPN job you find. To suit particular employers, tailor your resume to each job that you are applying for. It shows you are serious about pursuing that job and will do everything possible to get it.

2. Refer a friend

You won’t be able to get referrals from your former employers because you are a newly licensed LPN. You might be able get a referral from your previous employer if you have completed your clinical training. This type of referral could be extremely helpful in landing you a job.

3. Don’t limit yourself

Many LPNs who are new to the field assume there are only certain places that will hire them, like nursing homes. There are many medical facilities and practices that need LPNs. These include hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. To have a better chance of landing a job for an LPN, you should explore other work environments.

4. Participate in job fairs

LPNs are in high demand. Potential employers will hold job fairs to help find the right candidates. These job fairs can be a great way to find LPN jobs and to make valuable connections. These connections can help you find new jobs in the future.

5. Join nursing organizations

Once you have become a LPN, there are many local nursing organizations you can join. These organizations are available in all major metropolitan areas. These organizations are great for networking and it’s a good idea. You can also find information about job openings and get valuable advice on how to search for LPN jobs.

6. Rely on your network

Medical community is close-knit. This means that the relationships you build can lead to job opportunities. Don’t be afraid, if you have difficulty finding an LPN job opening, to tell your friends and colleagues from the nursing program what you are looking for. You might be able to pass on information they have about job openings.


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