Disc Causes& Treatment Options that You Should Know

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Back pain is a persistent issue among most people. Sadly, many never get a proper diagnosis and end up using different drugs- some that never work! In most cases, back pain results from disc problems. These happen when your intervertebral disc bulges out or raptures, which can be painful and debilitating. For this reason, many patients seek help from Manhattan Gonstead chiropractors to help deal with pain and numbness.

The common causes of disc problems are;

  • Spinal wear and tear

Back pain resulting from a herniated disc mainly results from the wear and tear of your spine. Your back bears and distributes weight during your day-to-day activities. The intervertebral discs absorb shock from movements such as walking, bending, or twisting. As a result, the discs get strained and wear out over time. This happens when the fibrous annulus- the disc’s outer layers weaken, thus creating a bulging disc.

  • Injury

Injuries can result from car accidents due to sudden jerking that puts a lot of pressure on your disc, resulting in a herniated disc. Lifting heavy objects is also to blame. If your work involves hoisting heavy loads or twisting your back, you have a high likelihood of suffering from a disc.

  • Degeneration

Your intervertebral disc can be weakened by tear and wear, making it susceptible to herniation. This happens when you experience traumatic events- and these don’t have to be very serious. A simple sneeze can worsen an already weakened disc!

What are the treatment options?

A herniated disc can result in severe pain. You can ease the discomfort by avoiding movements that worsen the pain, like exercising. However, different treatments relieve the symptoms, and the medical practitioner may use various medication regimens depending on individual cases. The standard treatment options are medication, therapy, and surgery.

  1. Medication

Some patients use over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen or naproxen to ease mild pain. There are many other types of medication used to help minimize disc pain; these include;

  • Nerve pain medications
  • Narcotics
  • Cortisone and epidural injections
  • Muscle relaxants
  1. Physical therapy

Physical therapy involves chiropractic manipulations and spinal alignment. The specialist helps find the exercises and position that can minimize herniated disc pain. He or she may conduct palpitation, X-rays, and instrumentation to determine the right course of treatment.

If you suffer injuries, there may be underlying symptoms, and the therapist will recommend the best correction exercises to enhance stabilization, ease pain and enhance flexibility.

Chiropractors may also recommend;

  • Heat or ice treatment
  • Ultrasound
  • Traction
  • Neck bracing
  • Electrotherapy
  1. Surgery

In some cases, treatment may not proffer excellent results, hence the need for surgery. If the pain persists and bladder control worsens, the doctor may recommend surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon eliminates the protruding part of the disc. He or she also uses a laparoscopic technique to conduct open discectomy.

The bottom line

Herniated disc symptoms may resolve themselves after some time, but you may require surgery if the problem persists. It’s critical to seek professional help if you experience any symptoms of a herniated disc. Doing this helps deal with the issue early enough, which avoids further complications.



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