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Where Can I Send My Glasses to Get New Eyeglass Lens Replacement?

If you’re already fond of the way you look with your pair of eyeglasses and how it fits, but it’s time for you to update your prescription lenses, you have the option of getting an eyeglass lens replacement by ordering it online.

Usually, people do not always consider or are aware of this option. However, this solution has always been available. It’s cost-saving, and it leaves a considerable room for expression, especially if your eyeglasses have a huge part in your signature look.

You can always opt for eyeglass lens replacement. Optical shops offer this type of solution if your current choice of frame is in good condition and if the replacement lens is not complicated to attach., the process of eyeglass lens replacement in your frame is made extremely easy. They will even send you a free pre-paid shipping label with free return shipping. Moreover, you can also maximize your purchase by using insurance as well.

How Do You Order Replacement Lenses?

Firstly, you have to choose your lenses. Rx-Able’s variety and wide range of brands and types should be able to cater to your needs. Usually, you would have to consider the style that best fits your lifestyle. If you need help, you can contact Rx-Able’s opticians at (877 516-0512).

Second, the store will send you the label as soon as the order is confirmed. You will use this label to send your eyeglass frames. Next is to wait for a day or two for the store to prepare your order. Lastly, your prescription glasses will finally arrive after 3 to 5 days at your doorstep.

Besides having a very convenient and easy to follow the process, you will also be informed continuously about tracking information.

Rx-Able Lens Replacement Store offers the following types of lenses and accessories:

  • Single Vision Replacement Lenses
  • Bifocal Replacement Lenses
  • Progressive Replacement Lenses
  • Blue Blocker Replacement Prescription Lenses
  • Polarized Sunglasses Lenses
  • Transition Lenses
  • Computer Glasses

Rx-Able offers a variety of lenses that can cater to all types of optical needs. Ideal for correcting near-sightedness (myopia) and far-sightedness (hyperopia), single-vision lenses have the same prescription power across the entire lens.

Bifocal lenses are also available for those individuals that suffer from both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. They also offer today’s much popular choice – progressive lenses. Progressive lenses correct vision at far, middle, and near distances without visible divide.

Rx-Able also offers blue-blocker prescription lenses, polarized prescription lenses, and polarized sunglasses lenses. Their different types of lenses also come in other brands, each with different prices that start as low as $38.00.

Computer glasses are different from your regular eyeglasses in multiple ways since it optimizes your eyesight whenever you are in front of your computer or any digital screen. Generally, this type of glasses possesses about 60% of the magnifying power of regular reading glasses.

Rx-Able also assures its customers by only providing the best brands available and possible. For a business built by opticians and optometrists, has been making glasses for 30 years with a stellar reputation and excellent services.