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What causes dry eyes?

If you’ve ever had dry eyes and tried to find relief, you might think: “Why does this happen to me?”.

Dry eye is actually a lot more common than people think. There are a variety of reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious, that cause dry eyes. This article discusses the top causes of dry eye and what to do about it.

No matter what causes your discomfort, here at Rain Eye Drops we believe in helping you take back your eye comfort using only premium, preservative free eye drops. More on that later…

Today we want to demystify some of the reasons why people get dry eyes and, most importantly, show you what to do about it. The first big factor for dry eyes is age.

As people get older, it’s normal to experience dry eyes more often. This is because the body has a natural decrease in tear production over time. And it’s why the majority of people who experience dry eyes are over age 45. It’s simply a natural part of aging. However, even though it’s natural to have dryer eyes over time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to slow or reverse the rate at which your eyes get dryer.

Because dry eyes are extremely vulnerable and can cause a host of issues down the roads, if left unaddressed. That’s why we recommend anyone over 45 to use some kind of lubricant eye drop to relieve dry eye symptoms. Addressing these symptoms early and getting consistent relief may prevent more issues down the road.

The next big factor for dry eyes is gender. Women are more likely to develop dry eyes than men. This is because of a host of factors related to hormones, the use of certain types of contraceptives and menopause. So at RAIN, we encourage all women to take even more precautions to protect their eyes as they age.

There’s also environmental conditions that create dry eyes. Things like cold weather, wind, and dry climate can greatly compromise your eye health and create distress. Once your eyes are in a compromised state, it makes it so much easier for them to stay strained, remain dry, and even get damaged.

Combined these things can shave YEARS off the life-span of your eyes’ health. So if you’re in an environment that creates dryer eyes, make sure you take extra care to keep your eyes safe. And finally the last big one (that’s become an issue in recent years) is the use of digital devices.

Phones, laptops, televisions and tablets are literally everywhere (You’re reading this on a device right now!).

It’s estimated that the average adult spends almost 11 full HOURS starting at a screen for work alone. And that doesn’t even take into account the additional hours we spend texting, facetiming and being entertained.

When your eyes are open and staring at these devices, it doesn’t just strain on the eyes. It dries them out even faster. The good news is RAIN™ contains a natural blend of ingredients that can help fight the daily effects of dry eyes and digital eye strain.

Our formula helps your eyes stay lubricated while protecting your eye’s natural tear production.

And it helps maintain your eye’s natural PH balance and moisturizes your eyes without the need for preservatives or harsh chemicals.

This allows your eyes to function more comfortably and present a healthier appearance even after prolonged exposure to digital devices.

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