3 Ways in Which Technology Can Lead to a Healthier Life

Technology and Healthier Life have had a long and mutually dependent history. In fact, it is fair to say that most modern healthcare systems simply could not provide the service to patients without utilizing the latest in technology. Equipment such as MRI scanners have helped to revolutionize the monitoring and diagnosis of patients since their widespread adoption in healthcare settings in the late 1970s. Today the public has a range of devices at their disposal that can help to promote healthier lives. This article explores three key uses of technology within the healthcare sector, which help to promote healthier living.

The rise of remote consultations

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many patients saw a dramatic change in terms of doctor’s appointments and routine consultations. In an attempt to reduce the risks posed by the pandemic, many doctors surgeries began to operate on a remote basis, with routine appointments being conducted by video consultation. In addition, many doctors and GPs still needed to physically visit some of their most unwell patients while taking reasonable protective measures. As a result of this new way of working, many medical practices sought to procure a range of lightweight laptops, such as the range of Lenovo Convertible 2-in-1 Laptops. This technology allowed remote consultations to take place over the internet, and the portable nature of such computers allowed the doctors to operate both remotely and from a mobile setting when required. Clearly, the rise in high-quality and highly portable laptop equipment was an integral part of allowing this healthcare method to become widespread and viable while ensuring patient health was a priority.

Healthier Life Mindfulness apps

In 2022, the importance of good mental health to live a full and healthy life cannot be understated. The world of today is one that is often characterized by stressful situations and a rapid pace of life. It can be easy for people to overlook their mental health in the race to complete tasks both at work and at home. Globally 5% of people suffer from depression, making it one of the world’s most common health complaints. While severe cases of depression tend to require medical intervention, the overall mental well-being of people can be significantly improved by undertaking sessions of mindfulness regularly. Today there are a range of mindfulness apps that promote inner calm and moments of respite from the often-frenetic pace of modern life.

Healthier Life Monitoring systems

In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the availability of monitoring systems for patients both in the healthcare sector and for personal use. Doctors and nurses can successfully and safely monitor patients by using a range of technology that allows telemedicine to take place. The patient can be in a remote setting while having vital observations such as heart rate, blood sugar, and blood pressure measurements being recorded and relayed back to the healthcare establishment. In addition, some smartphones now have sensors that allow the pulse of the person to be measured along with monitoring the heart rhythm and general levels of stress.