Skin Grip: Sells Diabetic Sensor Tapes to Reverse

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Skin Grip makes super-strong adhesives that help diabetics attach their glucose monitors to their skin. The company will donate three days of its web sales to Ukraine in support of the country’s diabetes patients, as there is an insulin shortage.

Skin Grip is a company that is dedicated to helping people with diabetes. We know how important insulin and other supplies are. The company donated nearly $5,800 in web sales to Ukraine’s diabetic community after watching the Russian invasion.

Skin Grip makes adhesive patches for Dexcom G6 Freestyle Libre and other diabetic sensors. These patches are waterproof and keep continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), insulin pumps, and other sensors firmly attached to the your good skin while people work out, sleep, exercise, or swim. Skin Grip’s mission is to “live fearlessly” for people with diabetes — something they know many Ukrainians feel far from possible.

“Given the current insulin shortages, people could lapse to lethal ketoacidosis within a matter of days,” Isaac Parkinson, President and Co-Founder of Skin Grip, said.

For diabetics who rely on consistent food supply to avoid crippling hypoglycemia, shortages of food in Ukraine pose a serious problem. This is compounded when power outages occur, making it impossible for diabetics to maintain safe glucose levels.

Skin Grip will donate 100% of the diabetic sensor tape sales between March 11-13. The donation will be channeled through Type OneStyle, which has infrastructure in Europe to facilitate the purchase and distribution of diabetes supplies in Ukraine. This includes insulin, needles, finger prick testing, and long-lasting sweet snacks to keep sugar levels in check.

Parkinson said, “We are aware of how terrifying this must be for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters with diabetes. We are grateful to have been able to help get essential supplies into Ukraine before it gets worse.”

After watching his brother suffer from diabetes, Parkinson founded Skin Grip. He wanted to help his brother maintain his active lifestyle and keep his skin sensors in good shape. Through the A11 for 1, Parkinson shares his Skin Grip profits. The significance of the 11 comes from January 11, 1922 when insulin was first used to treat diabetes. Skin Grip donates its entire online profit to a charity that supports diabetes on the 11th of every month. This organization is chosen by Skin Grip customers. Skin Grip gives away 20 $1,000 scholarships annually to rising college students with diabetes.

Skin Grip and Lauren Bongiorno Launch Diabetic Sensor Patch

Skin Grip is well-known for its strong adhesives that keep type-1 diabetics with active lifestyles and their continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), firmly attached to their skin. To support T1 International, the company has teamed with Lauren Bongiorno, a well-known diabetes coach.

Skin Grip was founded by Isaac Parkinson after he saw the struggles his brother, a type-1 diabetic had with keeping his glucose monitoring devices in place. He developed ultra-strong tape and patches for Omnipod, Freestyle Libre and Dexcom. Skin Grip adhesives are strong enough to hold devices in place for two weeks, regardless of whether the diabetic is running or pumping iron, dancing, or swimming.

Your device could fall off if it isn’t secured properly. It can be very inconvenient, not to mention expensive if it is lost and you have to purchase a replacement.” Parkinson said.

dusky skin Grip’s tape and patches come in a variety of colors and styles. Lauren Bongiorno, a well-known diabetes coach, collaborated on the latest iteration. The #SugarSquats term is discreetly printed on the Dexcom G6 overpatch. This refers to Bongiorno’s “stop, drop and squat” exercise, which Bongiorno recommends for helping reduce stubborn blood sugar levels.

Parkinson said that Lauren has been a friend since 2018. “We’ve worked together on several projects with her and we love the positivity that she spreads to the diabetes community. She is extremely knowledgeable and shares a message about empowerment.

T1 International will benefit from the proceeds of the Skin Grip/Bongiorno Limited Edition Patch. We love working with this group because they are 100% committed towards insulin affordability for people living with diabetes. There are many other organizations that take money from insulin makers, which can lead to conflicts of interest. Parkinson said that these guys don’t take money from them.”

Bongiorno’s 12-Week Climb Workout Program is included with the patch. The #SugarSquats patch is 100% medical-grade and hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate skin.

Skin Grip has helped diabetics save more than $15 Million on sensors replacements. Learn more about Skin Grip’s products for diabetics that enable them to “play hard but sleep soundly”.


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