Reducing the Risk of Dementia

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Forgetfulness, memory loss and imparied thinking abilities are all symptoms of a condition known as dementia. When you lose the connections throughout your brain from the nerve cells, it can cause dementia.  While there is no certain way to prevent dementia, research has shown that there are ways in your lifestyle to reduce the risk of dementia. A healthy lifestyle over an unhealthy lifestyle can prove to help reduce the risk and also help you lead a longer and happier life. The most common types of dementia are Alzhiemers and vascular dementia and some strong risk factors for those are heart attacks and strokes. By leading a healthier lifestyle, you are reducing your risks for strokes and heart attacks, which can in turn, help to reduce your risk of dementia over all.

What You Can Do

In our life, there are some factors that we can control and others that we cannot. When it comes to dementia, leading a healthier lifestyle can be better not only for our heart, but for our brain as well. The follow points are some ways you can reduce your risk for dementia:

  • Getting regular exercise
  • Eating healthy
  • Not smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy blood pressure

Keeping your mind mentally stimulated through games and social interactions can help to strengthen and engage your brain to ward off dementia as well. All of these factors can help keep your weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure down . This can help lead you to a healthier life and you can have less dementia risk factors.

What If Someone I Love Already Has Dementia?

There are factors of people’s life that impact your likelihood of developing dementia that you have absolutely no control over. Factors such as your genetic factors and your age can be contributing factors that there is simply not much you can do about. If that is the case and either you or someone you love suffers from dementia, there are options for help. There are in-home care options, like Pocatello in-home care, that offer private and specialized in-home care for individuals with dementia like Alzheimers. The earlier you can get your loved one set up with memory care, it can greatly improve their quality life and their safety. These kinds of extra support systems will aid in cognitive thinking and daily tasks that may become difficult for those with dementia. These caregiving services can provide the comfort and expert care that your loved one will need during the draining times ahead.

Valiant Efforts

Even after trying these ideas to help reduce the risk of dementia, there are people in the world who still struggle with the condition. It is important to take this valiant effort to be as healthy as possible to help reduce the risk of dementia. These are some great ways to lead healthy lives and strive to reduce the risk but there is always the chance of dealing with it. Despite these valiant efforts, there are still dementia cases you may come across and that might be personally and directly related to you. But you do not have to deal with them alone. In-home care provides extra hands and extra expert people to be able to rely on during this difficult time. You would only want the best for a loved one who has dementia, so be sure to give them the best at-home care you can.


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