Phosphorus Diagnostics Offers Genetic and COVID-19 Tests

In 2003, old-school medicine took a back seat when the Human Genome Project mapped the 20,000 genes in the human body. This amazing achievement made it possible to diagnose and treat people with certain diseases in an individual way.

The Human Genome Project opened the research door for companies like Phosphorus Genomics. Phosphorus is a New York-based company with a lab in Secaucus, New Jersey. Phosphorus is able to predict how a person’s genes or a group of genes act and react to their environment, diet, stress, and other factors that can alter a person’s quality of life. The study of human genes helps medical professionals pinpoint developing diseases. Plus, researchers can pinpoint the changes in genes that can manifest diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Our genes sit on the chromosomes we inherit from our parents and their parents. Humans have 46 chromosomes clumped together in 23 pairs. The 23rd set of chromosomes are the sex chromosomes, the set that determines whether a person is male or female. The other 22 pairs of chromosomes contain genes that have a specific function within the body. If one of the genes on a chromosome has some sort of defect, that genetic disorder manifests as a health issue.

Phosphorus Diagnostics has developed the ability to identify a person’s gene mutations and offer a solution that treats that issue. This approach is more logical than trying different medical treatments the old-school way. Early diagnosis of a disease increases the chances of a successful outcome. It is possible to identify a pending disease before symptoms of that illness manifest, and that is a game changer in the medical field. Solving disease and health mysteries using Phosphorus diagnostics genetic tests is one of the missions of Phosphorus.

The Phosphorus At-Home Saliva Test Kit for COVID-19 Has the FDA’s Stamp of Approval

COVID-19 testing in the United States is a bit of a nightmare for people who might have a symptom or two associated with this new strain of the coronavirus. The lack of testing in states across the country is one of the issues that have people fearing for their lives, and the time it takes to sit and wait at a test site, plus the time it takes to receive the test results are, in the words of some health officials, a recipe for disaster. Some people wait weeks before their test results come back.

Phosphorus Genomics has teamed up with BioIQ, a tech startup that focuses on clinical adherence technology and healthcare engagement. The partnership between these two companies has produced a simple method to test for COVID-19. This less intrusive method of testing involves swabbing your saliva at home and sending the swab to the Phosphorus diagnostic lab to get your results. The test doesn’t require you to wait in line or wait weeks to get the results. Most test results arrive 24-48 hours after the lab receives the swab.

The easy-to-use at-home swabbing test kit adheres to the strict standards imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA stamp of approval ensures reliable and accurate testing results. That means the Phosphorus and BioIQ at-home test kits received the Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

At-Home COVID-19 Testing Fills a Critical Need

Employers, government agencies, and health plans are celebrating at-home sample collection, according to Justin Bellante, the CEO of BioIQ. Bellante told the press that their partnership with Phosphorus adds another level of validity and sophistication to COVID-19 testing procedures.

Phosphorus CEO Alexander Bisignano says that people who need help with testing can get it from a Phosphorus team member, and he has let people know that his Secaucus, New Jersey lab has a CLIA as well as a CAP license. Phosphorus has the certification to send the at-home test kit to all 50 states.

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