Before you go to a job interview, here are some things you should research

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Are you scheduled for a job interview in the coming days? Read on to discover an edge in your interview by researching potential employers. It’s an effective way to show potential employers you have done some homework ahead of time. By conducting investigative work and research about potential employers, you can better prepare yourself for interviews. At City of Hope, every employee believes and is committed to making hope a reality. Every nurse, doctor and IT specialist Research Jobs contribute their unique talents and creativity to the fight against diabetes, cancer and other life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. City of Hope offers a range of interests such as clinical, business, science or support service areas. You will be challenged and inspired by your colleagues while having the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life by making it better through research.

The company values the skills and expertise of its employees.

Before applying for any job, it’s essential that you understand what the employer requires in a qualified candidate. Read job postings to uncover their priorities and visit their career website to connect with current employees. Discover what matters most to them in the workplace by reaching out directly to current staff members.

Key personnel within an organization.

Employees in key positions within a company are known as key players. This could include managers, department heads and even the CEO/president. You can find these individuals listed on an employer’s “About” page or employee bios. Furthermore, you may check out their Twitter and LinkedIn posts to hear what they have to say about the business.

Recent News and Events Related to the Employer.

Before applying for a job, it’s wise to become informed about the latest news and updates from your company. Many companies have pages dedicated to press releases and events on their websites – an excellent source for finding up-to-date information from the organization.

The company’s values, culture, and mission.

Interviewees should feel confident stating they are a good fit for the company’s culture. According to Millennial Branding survey results, 43% of HR professionals believe cultural fit is the most essential quality job seekers can possess during the hiring process. Research the organization’s mission and values on its website; also follow along on social media channels to gain more insight into its atmosphere.

Customers, products and services.

Once hired as a potential employee, you should know what kind of work you will be expected to do. To prepare for an interview, familiarize yourself with the names and products/services the company provides on their website. Furthermore, read up on their successes through blogs, case studies and white papers.

The Interviewer.

You should also research the identity of your interviewer to increase chances of connection and meaningful conversations. Although it may be challenging to recognize them, doing some research can help you locate their name.

Start by trying to locate the name of the interviewer from their email. If you can’t locate what you need, politely reply asking for their name. After having their contact information, research LinkedIn and Twitter further to gain insight into their background, role within the company, and potential common interests.


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