Increase Agility: Agility Training for Serious Athletes

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So, it looks like you’re serious about increasing your agility and general sports efficiency.

But first, what exactly is agility?

Dexterity is body control. It means fast foot rate, quick nerves response, and also general explosiveness. Speed is your capacity to max out and just run faster than somebody else.

For a lot of sports you require both agility and also rate, however sadly most training programs concentrate on speed agility quickness and toughness training, while disregarding dexterity virtually entirely! Including a top quality dexterity training program into your normal workout regimen can dramatically improve your general athletic performance.

Sport-Specific Rules of Thumb

For professional athletes that do not call for dexterity in-season (runner, for example) I would suggest mainly training for agility in the off period to increase overall efficiency.

On the other hand, for professional athletes that count greatly on dexterity in-season (football gamers) I would certainly advise concentrating heavily on dexterity during the period.

Agility Training Programs

Agility training is a little bit more difficult than strength or speed training because it calls for specific tools. Jump ropes as well as agility ladders are the two most powerful and affordable remedies on the marketplace.

Dive ropes are my individual favorite. An excellent dive rope sets you back about $10 and also usually takes regarding a year of heavy misuse prior to it damages. To start, simply jump rope for 5-10 minutes every morning when you awaken. When your cardiovascular system begins to change, as well as you feel your endurance enhancing, push for 15-20 mins daily.

If you can attain 15-20 minutes without quiting, after that you must next try to perform the double-under. To carry out a double-under, jump a bit greater and accelerate the rope so that it passes under your feet two times. Then quickly return to typical kind and also maintain jumping rope.

Do not change your mechanics when performing the double under!

When you get adjusted to the double-under, try to do 2 straight. As soon as you can do that, try to go as long as you can with double-unders alone! This is an excellent workout!

KEEP IN MIND: Include new workouts in progressively. Do not decrease to your basement and attempt to perform a double-under right now, that’s not the factor. The factor is to gradually increase the intensity of the jump rope exercise as your body starts to adjust. So, take it reduce and keep it lighthearted. Jumping rope isn’t an eventually thing.

Dexterity ladders are a little different and also take a little bit longer to learn. However, there are literally countless drills online that you can use.


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